July 31, 2008

Shameless self-promotion day!


Just two things I'm going to boost, then you're free to pimp your place in comments.

First, Baldilocks has made some progress on her efforts to start up a non-profit to help Senator Obama Kogelo Secondary School get the funding promised to them by Barack Obama(which he never came through on), but that's just the beginning.  She'll have a site up and running soon, and the main fundraiser will begin shortly, she'll need all the help she can get in donation and in promotion of the project.

I'd like to Vintage's project, Down the Ticket, which will be promoting and covering conservative challengers running for Congress, Senate and Governor.  If you're looking for a conservative to support this election, drop by Down the Ticket and find one, and drop by regularly to find out the latest news from that district or state.

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July 30, 2008

I think I'm going to try something new today


Instead of me just giving links, if you have something fun or interesting, leave a link in the comments.  Obviously this isn't something to spam every post you make in, but if you have something good or interesting, drop a link.

What I may do since I'm not doing the links as often is do them once a week, and then put up an open thread type thing with the Moronosphere banner where you can pimp your good posts.  Doing links is tough, because you have to skim through an insane number of sites, it just takes a lot of time and wears you down.

I'd also remind people of Juliette's efforts to set up a fundraiser for Senator Obama Secondary School in Kenya.  Any help you can offer is welcome and appreciated.  And here's the latest on the efforts to set up the non-profit.  She's up to $110 in donations, she'll need $500 just to set up the non-profit, so if you can help that'd be awesome.

I'll also note our co-blogger Vintage's efforts at Down the Ticket to promote conservative candidates.  If you're looking for a conservative candidate to support, that's the place to check out.

I'm fuelin' it?


Good grief...

Very nice.

Summer camp.

Moar fun with the RIAA

Gitmo's poets.

Applying a little thought to the Rand study.

Moar purty pictures.

Weasel and cat genetics.


Oh, Our Lord and Savior has core convictions, He just knows He can't preach rank Marxism as openly as He wishes to.

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July 24, 2008

That's right suckas, guess what's back?




Purty pics. Moar purty pics.

I'd agree, I'm amazed that the public has resisted the propaganda as well as it has.


Good grief.

Nothing is sacred but He.

No way Ahmed, I am so not looking at this 2 girls 1 cup thing!

Darwin wins...no fatality.

I almost posted this screwy thing, but the Hostages did it for me.

Laying low and making you hurt.

Stopped clock strategery.

Now that's a Chinese knockoff!  I think that's an even bigger ripoff of Mickey than Farfur the Jew Hating Hamas Mouse.

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July 21, 2008

Just because...

Nothing is catching me today news-wise, so I'm just posting links to two random moronblogs I like,

Alice H posts great pictures from the city of Denver here and there at her site, and are always something nice to look at. 

Dan Ruwe's site Right Minds is another site to go to, it tends not to be up to the minute news stories, but he looks at conservative philosophy and the political scene in a pleasant to read manner, even on those occasions you don't agree with his conclusions.  It's almost always constructive, which I like, it's a nice change from my oft pessimistic ranting of late.

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July 20, 2008

Eddiebear's birthday

As celebrated by the Hostages.

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July 15, 2008


Congrats Attila!

Dear God, if these three make a show together, and the show Paris Hilton proposed with Lindsey Lohan, Denise Richards and Britney Spears comes together, and the two meet, it may well implode the universe.

Thwacked with the throne.

Obama's chocolate salty balls?

Cute, just keep this guy away.

We know better than you.

...then the Nutroots quickly leaped to Reggie Jackson's defense, declaring him a progressive anti-Zionist, and that there was nothing wrong with that.

Video of Gitmo detainee released by his lawyer, and just a little reminder, this cockroach killed a US soldier with a grenade.


DC fascists continue to do everything in their power to deny Constitutional rights to DC residentsMoar on DC fascism.

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July 11, 2008

July 05, 2008

Just a few things

I've wrapped up my week of posting at Conservative Grapevine, and I'd like to thank John Hawkins for the opportunity to post there, it was nice to reach out to a new audience. 

If anyone is wondering, no, I haven't abandoned the Moronosphere links or my crapblog, I'll be back to full posting and the links will be back.  I'll probably do the next links tomorrow.

One other thing to mention, chad at KURUlounge has launched Moronosphere Free Radio.  He already has a playlist and podcast up, if you'd like to create a playlist or do a podcast yourself, drop by KURUlounge and find out how.

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July 01, 2008

The Moronosphere defined

Over at Urban Dictionary:

That sector of cyberspace which is home to the slack jawed troglodytes, knuckle draggers, and hopelessly reactionary among the world's netizens.
I think that covers it pretty well, though I have to deduct points for failure to mention cheap booze and/or hobo hunting.  Otherwise, spot on.

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