November 25, 2009

3rd Party?

In a longer post, Ace opines about how a possible third party candidate could help Obama win in 2012.

If the GOP runs someone like Mitt, "Ask me about my socialist health care plan" Romney or Mike "Christian socialist" (did I mention Christian?) Huckabee, he's exactly right.

If they run someone who's not just Dem-lite, then no.

They need someone who's against all the budget-busting and gov't overreach we've seen this decade.
I'm starting to root for a Teh Fred/Sarah Palin ticket.

And watching Minitru ignore the chance for a "historic first" of a woman VP will be darn funny.

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November 22, 2009

Once More Into The Breach Go I.

As I head out for another day of dealing with the problems with my house, here are a few points to consider.

Many Democrats seem willing to go down with the ship, and threats of losing an office seem to have no impact. In fact, many of them seem content to play the "Profiles In Courage" angle. I wonder if Obama did indeed promise jobs to all of these vulnerable Democrats.

And, more Democrat "tolerance" on display at a Palin Book Signing.

And, is Andrew Sullivan also an anti-Semite?

I'm outta here. See you later.

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November 04, 2009


Are you a moronblogger?  Do you like shameless self-promotion?  Check this out!  Definitely getting a mug at least...

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