June 15, 2008

Gore Vidal: McCain's Torture Truther

When you've run out of things to say, it is important to throw out rhetorical bombs and slanders in order to stay in the limelight. That's the lesson Gore Vidal has learned:

And what about Mr. McCain? Disaster. Who started this rumor that he was a war hero? Where does that come from, aside from himself? About his suffering in the prison war camp?

Everyone knows he was a prisoner of war in North Vietnam. That’s what he tells us.

You stay classy, douchebag. 

In Allah's post on the subject, he issues an exit question:
Exit question: Help Vidal fill in the blanks. Where was Maverick and what he was up to during the “lost years”?

Why, planning 9/11 with his then-underground neocon buddies, of course. That shit takes time, man.

This leads to a question I've always wondered about.  If you were in your later years, wouldn't you want to spend that time, I dunno, enjoying the sunset of your life*?  If I had Vidal's money, I'd be oceanside 24/7/365.  But I suppose some people need attention more than I do.

One more Vidal-related side note on this haphazard, poorly written post and then I'm done.  I had breakfast with Attorney Gen. John Ashcroft and a few other grad students in the fall of 2005 and I thought I would give him a break and ask him a non-political question.  Well, he looked at me like I was a complete idiot for asking something off topic and said Lincoln by Gore Vidal.  Who'd've guessed?

*Yes, I understand the irony of anyone who (even reluctantly) supports McCain saying this. 

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LA Times puts on the beret: NRA is losing, we are pushing the Americans back!

Good grief, these people are shameless.  Via See-Dub at Malkin's place, we get this LA Times propaganda piece about the NRA

But this time, the issue that GOP strategists once relied on to provide crucial votes in close elections has lost much of its political punch.

The NRA may have become a victim of its own success.

Yes, yes! We are defeating the NRA!

Congress hasn't passed major legislation to restrict gun use in 14 years. Democrats -- scarred by past NRA campaigns -- almost never talk about the issue anymore.

And Americans now show little interest in gun control. Just half want tougher rules for gun sales, compared with nearly two-thirds in 2000.

No, no we are not losing, we are pushing the Gun Nut Forces back!

Yet that very triumph may prove politically perilous for Republicans hoping to put John McCain in the White House. Two years ago, GOP candidates backed by the NRA lost in a number of swing states, including Virginia, Missouri and Wisconsin, that could play pivotal roles this fall.

...I am telling you, we are pushing them back, they cannot stand up to Paul Helmke's brilliant leadership and strategy!

If these cautions could once tip elections, recent history is not encouraging. NRA-backed U.S. Senate candidates in Pennsylvania, Montana, Missouri, Minnesota and Virginia all lost in 2006, even though the gun group spent more than $1 million on their races, according to federal election data collected by the Center for Responsive Politics.

Please, please, we are destroying the Gun Nut Forces, we have them on the run! Hey, stop laughing!

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June 13, 2008

Erin Go Fuck Yourselves

The voters of Ireland did everyone on Earth a favor and shot down the EU's Lisbon Treaty:

It's over!!!! Final result: 53.4 percent of the electorate voted to reject the treaty, while 46.6 percent voted in favour. All but seven constituencies rejected the treaty, with a total of 752,451 voting in favour and 862,415 votes against. Turnout was more than 51 per cent - better than the second Nice treaty vote!!!

Take that you mega-statist post-national fucktards!  That's what you get for trying to sneak a draconian constitution through without giving 99% of the constituents a vote on it! 

Well, Ireland fucked your stupid plan.

Rot in hell, postmodern transnationals. 

Update:  I'm going to ram a railroad spike in some columnist's ass in the extended entry.


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June 12, 2008

What a difference a year makes...

November 2004: Not ready to be president.

January 2006: Like, totally ready.


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Bruce Lunsford: Don't disagree with Harry Reid, beat the hell out of him

No, seriously. Sen. Mitch McConnell's Democratic challenger said that while addressing the Warner-Lieberman energy bill:

Lunsford told the Herald-Leader Friday night that he thought McConnell had an issue with Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid of Nevada and used the bill like "a political football." He echoed those remarks later Friday night during his speech

"If you want to be an obstructionist, then you put on a show. If our senator had a problem with Sen. Harry Reid, let them take it outside and settle it like real men," Lunsford told the 1,000 Democrats.

He was more specific in his interview with the Herald-Leader: "So if he and Reid have an issue, let them go outside and settle it like real men. And if it's going to be a contest between real men, I'm pickin' Reid. He's a former boxer."

"The first rule of Senate Fight Club is "Don't kick Diane Feinstein in the nuts. It'll just piss her off."  Heh.
McConnell's campaign manager, Justin Brasell, dismissed the remarks by Lunsford with a dig at the Democratic candidate and his personal wealth. "This shows that what my mother taught me is right -- you can have all the money in the world, but that doesn't mean you can buy class," Brasell said.
As a proud resident of the Commonweath, I must say I am less than enthused about the possibility of Lunsford being my Senator*. I'm hoping that the McConnell campaign is taking him (and his 5 point lead in the polls) seriously.

At this point, I am seeing Virginia redux in Kentucky's future:  a Democratic governor is elected, followed by a classless Democrat winning a Senate seat from an incumbent who didn't take the threat seriously, followed by another Democratic Senate victory because the near-octogenarian GOP incumbent decides to retire.

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June 10, 2008

Obama Will Lose Ohio

If this is any indication:

Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland (D) was Shermanesque on Tuesday in saying that he would "absolutely not" be Sen. Barack Obama's, D-Ill., running mate even if asked to join the Democratic ticket.

Asked on NPR's "All Things Considered" if he is auditioning to be Obama's running mate, Strickland said, "Absolutely not. If drafted I will not run, nominated I will not accept and if elected I will not serve.

So, I don’t know how more crystal clear I can be."

Update: Also, is the Obama Campaign pulling out of Wisconsin?  As a citizen of the state, I'd say he might as well.  The purple nature of the state just won't vote for another hardcore socialist (Feingold).

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it's over: hillary quietly contacting her delegates and telling them to vote obama

She's been meeting with different support groups and strong Hillary supporters to ask them to throw their support to Obama and not to vote for her in protest in the Convention.  We might not be getting our chaotic Democratic Convention...weak. (h/t)

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The Vulture Is Circling the Carcass

Dick Morris ain't buyin' it:

Hillary’s suspension of her campaign, and her omission of any release of her delegates, makes her a factor for Obama to consider for the next three months until the Democratic nomination is officially and finally his. Absent an actual statement to her delegates urging them to vote for Obama on the first ballot, Hillary’s candidacy cannot be said to have ended.

Rather, the former First Lady will be slowly circling overhead during June, July, and August waiting for Obama to make a mistake or stumble. Throughout the next three months, there will always be the possibility that he errs so badly that Hillary gets back into the race. Should another pastor rear his head or if one of the mythical tapes that are said to be about to emerge does, in fact, exist, Obama cannot rest secure in the nomination as long as Hillary is overhead, waiting.

I'm not sure what the Lightbringer could possibly do at this point that he already hasn't done. He's already associated with domestic terrorists, racial demagogues, Marxists, and criminals. Nearly everything he says is either incorrect, a lie or contradicted by his own statements within a week. He uses the race card at every opportunity and has the audacity to hope you don't notice any of this. And with his allies in the media, it seems nobody has. Either that or people are so fed up with the Republican party that Obama can't lose no matter what he does.

As for Dick Morris, I'm not sure how much credibility I put in his opinions. He always said Hillary was unstoppable and some neophyte junior Senator put the nails to her during his first term. Considering we have no data for his score on this quiz. it is impossible to verify.

I'd guess somewhere between 93.329% and 93.331%.

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June 09, 2008

Transposing words is Changetm, right?

Joshua Generation: Obama's new group for young evangelicals, established 2008.

Generation Joshua: A division of the Home School Legal Defense Association, established 2003.

Enjoy the lawsuit, Senator.

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June 08, 2008

That'll show Bush and those evilllll neocons

Why yes, I do live in a college town...

Above: A completely effective way to achieve world peace. 

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June 07, 2008

Hillary Says Goodbye: "This isn't the party I planned but I sure like the company."


I'll be watching it live starting at noon.

Some said she'd never drop out of the race.  Those people have been proven to be 93.33% smart, not 95% smart.  We now know, that 1.66% makes all the difference.

Update: If only that advantage allowed me to know what was talked about when she met Obama this week.  I'd really love to know what she means by staying on the "front lines of Democracy."

Also, she has pulled out all the stops in throwing her support behind Obama,  but that is no surprise.

Let's look back at all the fun times...

Update: Ugh, "Ensure that our country's prosperity is as broadly shared as possible."  (From memory).  Fucking socialists.

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June 06, 2008

Clearly the DC gun ban doesn't go far enough

Reason #23485 why I lived in Northern Virginia when I worked in DC:

D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier announced a military-style checkpoint yesterday to stop cars this weekend in a Northeast Washington neighborhood inundated by gun violence, saying it will help keep criminals out of the area.

Starting on Saturday, officers will check drivers' identification and ask whether they have a "legitimate purpose" to be in the Trinidad area, such as going to a doctor or church or visiting friends or relatives. If not, the drivers will be turned away.

 I wounder if "I'm trying to escape this hellhole of a city" appears on the list of "legitimate purposes." But the best part is that even some Democrats in the city think its a dumb idea:

"I guess the plan is to hope criminals will not walk into neighborhoods," said D.C. Council member Phil Mendelson (D-At Large). "I also suppose the plan is to take the criminal's word for it when he or she gives the police a reason for driving into a neighborhood."
There is, of course, no hope for DC residents to escape this type of policy. After decades of monolithically Democratic rule, they're used to it. In fact, they'd probably be more likely to blame DC's solitary Republican Council member before anyone else.

My favorite quote in the article comes from the ACLU:
"My reaction is, welcome to Baghdad, D.C.," said Arthur Spitzer, legal director for the ACLU's Washington office. "I mean, this is craziness. In this country, you don't have to show identification or explain to the police why you want to travel down a public street."
Of course that's your reaction, Art.  You see, DC probably would have never initiated this policy without the bad moral example of the eeeeeevil Bush Administration. Good Lord.

Exit question:  Washington, DC has always been plagued by gun violence.  What possible reason could there be for the DC government to use such statist measures to highlight it now?

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June 05, 2008

kos looks at 'high voltage' sign, grabs fence

What a dumbass.   Kos decided to pick up where the Soros funded attack dogs left off a few weeks ago, and decided to attack McCain for his teeth.  As we now know from when the Soros crew were left supremely embarrassed, McCain's teeth are a mess because the North Vietnamese smashed them up during his stay in the Hanoi Hilton.  You exposed yourself for the supreme douche you are, Mission Accomplished, Kos.

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June 03, 2008

liberal goofs putting together citizen's arrest squads to bring the bushitler to justice

Yeah, I'd love to see a bunch of sniveling liberal weenies try and get through the Secret Service to arrest Bush.  Dear God let there be video of this if they're stupid enough to try it.  Actually, there should be video, they tell the potential arresting citizens to take video of their arrest attempts.  Which will, I'm guessing be edited so that it looks like the Secret Service is acting abusively when the antiwar protesters are inevitably detained for their impotent attempts to get close to Bush or other people in the administration.

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hey, where the white women at?

Because they aren't with Barack Obama's campaign anymore.  I resisted making the Blazing Saddles reference initially, but I'm a moron, so I've changed it.  Obama was up by three with white women in April polls, and now McCain has an eight point lead with white women voters. 

For once, it seems that Obama isn't the one to blame for this alienation of a key demographic, it seems to be coming from the vicious hostility coming from Obama supporters that has driven many Hillary supporters away.  I'm not surprised, as nasty as some of the "Fall in Line!" vs. "Fuck McCain" fights can get, the infighting among Democrats has been much nastier. 

The real question is, can Obama mend those fences?  You would think so, but so far, this campaign season seems to be a contest to see how many key demographic groups this lot of supremely incompetent candidates can piss off.

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June 02, 2008

what a fool!

Chelsea Clinton said the following in front of a Montana audience(H/T and video),

"We also need to do more with gun control. And my mom supports- naturally what she supported in New York. Which is: we have different gun control laws in New York City than we do in upstate New York."

How stupid is this?  Montana is of course well known for it's strong pro-2nd outlook and libertarian streak, so it was fairly dumb.  But what makes it supremely dumb is that Montana has actually threatened to secede from the union if the Supreme Court rules that the Second Amendment is a collective right.  How politically inept are you to even utter the words "gun control" in Montana without the words "I strongly oppose" preceding it?

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