December 10, 2008

Fun with real audio

Jonn Lilyea sent me this, I'd post the youtube video but I'm gonna make you click over to his place for a listen.  Like he says, stay with it till the end, it's worth it.

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Roll call time

Time to count many Democratic politicians have called for a special prosecutor to head the Blagojevich investigation?

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Barack Obama is racist

He plans on using his middle name when he is sworn in on Inauguration Day.

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December 08, 2008

Look on the bright side...

...we can probably look forward to four years of slap fights like this one.  Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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The Deciders Are Now Satire Come To Life

It appears as though they are indeed closer to begging for their own bailout, or at best a revival of a New Deal program to save their bacon.

The Federal Writers Project operated from 1935-1939 under the leadership of Henry Alsberg, a journalist and theater director. In addition to providing employment to more than 6,000 out-of-work reporters, photographers, editors, critics, writers, and creative craftsmen and -women, the FWP produced some lasting contributions to American history, culture, and literature...

...Today, there are many dislocated "old media" journalists from newspapers, radio, and television on the street--here I declare my personal interest, as one of them--who could provide a skilled pool to staff a new FWP. But since these journalists represent only a fraction of the larger displaced workforce, it is fair to ask what the public benefit would be of money spent.

This time, the FWP could begin by documenting the ground-level impact of the Great Recession; chronicling the transition to a green economy; or capturing the experiences of the thousands of immigrants who are changing the American complexion. Like the original FWP, the new version would focus in particular on those segments of society largely ignored by commercial and even public media. At the same time, the multimedia fruits of this research would be open-sourced to all media, as well as to academics. As an example, oral history as a discipline has made great strides in the past 70 years, and with the development of video techniques, the forum of the Internet could make these multi-media interviews widely available to schools and scholars, as well as to average Americans.

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Hunh whaaa?

Maybe one of you morons who speaks more Spanish than I can come up with a different translation for 'Obama es un inmigrante'.

Via American Thinker, via Atlas Shrugged.

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The Ultimate Definition Of Irony

Woman in charge of keeping out illegal aliens busted for hiring illegal aliens.

Lorraine Henderson, the Boston area port director for the Customs and Border Protection Division of the US Department of Homeland Security, was arrested at her home shortly before 8 a.m. after an eight-month undercover investigation during which a cleaner wore a wire.

Federal prosecutors said Henderson - who directs 190 armed officers who oversee ports of entry in Rhode Island and Connecticut as well as Massachusetts - became a target after she ignored a warning from a fellow employee that her regular cleaner was an illegal immigrant from Brazil.

"She's supposed to be deporting aliens, not hiring them," said Assistant US Attorney Brian T. Kelly, chief of the public corruption unit.

As Boston area port director, Henderson oversees the inspection and admission of foreign nationals at sites such as Logan International Airport, T.F. Green International Airport in Rhode Island, and Bradley International Airport in Connecticut. She can also grant or deny waivers to illegal immigrants seeking to enter the country.

US Attorney Michael J. Sullivan said in a statement that it was unconscionable for any Customs and Border Protection employee to be "violating the same immigration laws that they are charged with upholding."

Looking drained after spending six hours in custody, Henderson, 50, clad in a gray sweatshirt and blue jeans, briefly appeared before US Magistrate Judge Robert B. Collings yesterday in Boston on a charge of encouraging an illegal immigrant to stay in the United States.

She was released on a $25,000 unsecured bond after saying little in court and declining to talk to reporters. As is customary when federal defendants are charged through a criminal complaint, she did not enter a plea in her initial appearance.

Oscar Cruz, a federal defender, represented Henderson at the hearing, but she said she expected to hire a private attorney. Cruz did not address the substance of the charges at the hearing.

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Robert Mugabe Can Bring Teh Crazee Like Nobody's Business

Now he claims the civilized world planted the cholera epidemic and is plotting to invade his self-made shithole country.

President Robert Mugabe is under mounting pressure from the international community, especially Western nations which accuse him of ruining the once prosperous country and exposing its people to famine and disease.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has branded Mugabe's government a "blood-stained regime" and said it was responsible for the cholera epidemic that has killed at least 575 people. The world must tell Mugabe "enough is enough," he said.

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on Friday the veteran leader's departure from office was long overdue. On Sunday she repeated this assessment and said she and British Foreign Secretary David Miliband had discussed by telephone what to do about it.

The growing Western criticism signaled a plot to oust Mugabe's government militarily, Mugabe's spokesman George Charamba said.

"I don't know what this mad prime minister (Brown) is talking about. He is asking for an invasion of Zimbabwe ... but he will come unstuck," Charamba told the state-controlled Sunday Mail.

The government often blames Britain and other Western nations for Zimbabwe's meltdown, saying sanctions against Mugabe and his inner circle have sabotaged the economy.

No, your stupid collectivization policies are what turned what was once the breadbasket of Africa into a pariah state that can't support itself any longer.

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December 07, 2008

The new "New Deal"

Joe takes a look.  I think I fall on the side that hopes this is as far as the Democrats stupid and destructive ideas go...

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December 06, 2008

Planned Parenthood is in so much hot water

Via FoxNews. has caught a Planned Parenthood in Bloomington, IN advising a girl they were told was 13 years old how to get her 31-year-old boyfriend to take her across state lines to get an abortion, circumventing parental notification laws. The 'health practitioner' (I hate calling her that, because it's obvious that health is not what she's practicing here) is legally obligated to report the case to Child Protective Services, but instead claims she 'didn't hear the age'.

Vid below the fold.  Why they're concealing the face of the nurse is beyond me - if this woman was living in my neighborhood, I'd want to know so I could keep my children as far away from her as possible.  She should be jailed for child endangerment and as an accessory to child sexual abuse.

This is the same Planned Parenthood organization that is offering gift certificates, BTW. 


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The goggles...they do NOTHING...

I could live a long, happy life without ever seeing these pictures.

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December 05, 2008

How soon we forget

This column, by some guy who has spent the last seven or so years in Latin America, from today's Los Angeles Times is a big, stinky pile of FAIL in a lot of ways, but he saves some of the worst for last, dressed up as a lesson for his kids:

On Nov. 4, my wife and I gathered our three children around the television, where were treated to another civics lesson, this one courtesy of John McCain.

"This is an American tradition," I explained as McCain conceded. "The loser congratulates the winner. He asks the country to unite behind the new president."

"Not like in Mexico," my 12-year-old son said.

Two years ago, we watched the loser in Mexico's presidential election declare himself the country's "legitimate" ruler. He took the oath of office and donned the presidential sash -- even some of his supporters thought he looked silly.
Yeah. Because it's not like anyone in recent American political history has pulled a hissy fit like that. And besides, even if anybody had acted like that, his supporters would have thought him too "silly" to ever take him cereally seriously ever again, right?

I mean, this is an American tradition, where the loser asks the country to unite behind the new president.


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December 04, 2008

Most ethical Congress EVAR!

I'm gonna go ahead and guess that this probably gets swept under the rug:

Between 2004 and 2007, Rep. Charles Rangel steered nearly $80,000 in campaign cash to an Internet company run by his son – paying lavishly for a pair of political Web sites so poorly designed an expert estimated one should have cost no more than $100 to create.


“This is probably legal but is definitely wrong,” said Meredith McGehee of the Campaign Legal Center, a nonprofit organization that monitors compliance with electoral law.

“You're in a situation where you were given money for a campaign and it's being used to enrich family members,” she added. “The return argument is they're performing legitimate services. The question that needs to be asked in this case is: Was this a legitimate payment or was this a payoff?”
Well, seeing as how Rangel's a Democrat and we all know that only Republicans can ever be corrupt, it was totally a legitimate payment.  Yeah.

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Who would be a great SEC Chairman?

Jim Cramer, of course.  But we shouldn't take the person who suggested it too seriously, as they once advised people not to sell their stock in Bear Stearns. 

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Identity Politicsapalooza

Noting that Latino voters "helped Obama win in key battleground states" like New Mexico (and I must say, great job on the Amnesty strategy there, Maverick!), AP reporter Nedra Pickler notes that some of them aren't happy that Bill Richardson didn't get picked to be Secretary of State, getting the nod to head up the Commerce Department instead:

"I definitely don't think we should characterize it as a consolation prize, but it's not enough," said Brent Wilkes, executive director of League of United Latin American Citizens.

Wilkes said the Richardson pick gets the Obama team on its way to mollifying some of the concerns raised "and if you trust what the transition team is saying, Latino leaders should be pleased" after all nominations are made. "And we do trust them," Wilkes said.

Oh, and it's not just Latinos, either. Other groups paid the piper, and now they feel like they get to pick the tune...

Floyd Mori, chair of the National Council of Asian Pacific Americans, said with blacks and Hispanics chosen for the Cabinet, "what is missing now is an Asian-American." He said given Obama's upbringing in Hawaii and his understanding of their community, they are optimistic he will appoint at least one. He suggested Illinois veterans affairs director Tammy Duckworth, former Washington Gov. Gary Locke or Rep. Mike Honda, D-Calif.

While I'm sure all three are more or less able public servants, allow me to ask a (doubtlessly RACIST!!!) question: Isn't that pretty much a blatant call for tokenism?

Joe Solmonese, president of the gay rights group Human Rights Campaign, sent a letter to Obama this week asking him to name labor leader Mary Beth Maxwell, a lesbian, as labor secretary. Solmonese said that he did not believe there had been an openly gay Cabinet member before, but he's confident that will change with Obama.

"Not only will we expect it, but we fully believe that it will happen," he added.

Which begs the (doubtlessly HOMOPHOBIC!!!) question: Or else, what, exactly? 

It sounds like our post-racial, post-partisan, post-everything, really, president-elect has promises to keep and miles to go before he can mollify every bloc of voters expecting a favor or two.*

*What, you thought I was going to follow all the way through with the Robert Frost line?

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December 03, 2008

Fast Eddie must like the taste of his own shoes

...dude cannot keep his own foot out of his mouth.  Not that he'll get punished for it, Murtha pretty much called his constituents a bunch of cousin-humping braindead redneck racists, and they all said "Please, can we have another sir?" this November.  Gah...

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Harry Reid: Man Of The People

Apparently, the Capitol Building is getting a visitor center, and Harry Reid wants you to know that some of the new features of the center suit him just fine.

The Capitol Visitors Center, which opened this morning, may have tripled its original budget and fallen years behind schedule, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid found a silver lining for members of Congress: tourists won't offend them with their B.O. anymore.

"My staff tells me not to say this, but I'm going to say it anyway," said Reid in his remarks. "In the summer because of the heat and high humidity, you could literally smell the tourists coming into the Capitol. It may be descriptive but it's true."


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December 01, 2008

Not Ready to Lead

They say being President of the United States is the most stressful job in the world and I believe them.  Too bad the next guy to get the job can't even handle the stress of a presidential campaign without spazzing out:

Meanwhile, it is being reported that Obama has developed a chronic facial tic brought on by the stress of the presidential campaign.

We are so fucked. 


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All quiet on the Biden front

Over the last few years, we've heard joke after joke (and they've been hilarious) about Dick Cheney staying in an "undisclosed location." Well, now people are starting to ask the question (which I'm pretty sure has nothing to do with Paul Anka) "Where's Joe?"

More than three weeks into the transition, and Vice-President elect Joe Biden generates less buzz than the non-existent first puppy.

The vice president-elect has not spoken publicly since the election, and was at Barack Obama's side just once this week as the president-elect delivered a series of grim news conferences on the economy.

...Amid reports that Obama will name Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State the question swirled: What about Biden? Foreign policy was supposed to be his domain.

"You think he wasn't in on that conversation?" a source involved with the transition asked rhetorically.

Yet in a column last week The Washington Post's David Ignatius called Biden "the incredible shrinking vice president-elect."

"Where is he these days?" Ignatius wonders. "Do they have him in a box? He can't be happy at the idea of considering Clinton as foreign policy tsarina — wasn't Biden's foreign policy savvy the reason he was picked?"
I'm guessing that they have him comfortably sedated somewhere, with guards outside of his room making sure that nobody with a microphone and/or a video camera gets in.

Oh, and no, Biden wasn't picked for his "foreign policy savvy," though that's the spin the Democrat Party and the MSM (but I repeat myself) gave the country about his nomination. He was picked because he's got experience serving in a post in the Federal Government (or any job, really) for more than a couple of years, unlike his new boss.

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