September 15, 2009

You know what?

Fuck you, Jimmah, that's what.  Fuck you with a board studded with rusty nails.  Fuck you with an industrial diamond drillbit.  Fuck you with a bolt of lightning straight from the sky and into your ass.  Fuck you with every goddamn thing that has ever afflicted mankind with pain and suffering since the dawn of time.  Just for good measure, fuck you with the asteroid that destroyed the dinosaurs before that.

You wanna call me a racist?  Just because I don't like where Obama is taking this country?  You know what that makes you?  That makes you a fucking coward.  You're hiding behind an argument that you can't prove just because you think that will make people like me shut up.  Well, guess what, motherfucker?  That card has been played so many times that it's lost its meaning. 

Are there people who hate Obama just because he's black?  You bet your ass that there are.  But you know what?  I would no sooner associate with them than I would kiss your withered, disgraceful ass.  The people on this blog and the vast majority of people who oppose Obama shun ignorant assholes like that.  I couldn't give a good goddamn about the man's skin color, but I think he's leading us down the path to ruin.  Sound familiar?

They say of the presidency that if you can't respect the man, you should at least respect the office, and I agree.  But when you turned that office into a bad, cowardly joke, well, that makes the latter harder.  But thanks for paving the way for your successor, who knew how to deal with our enemies.  Hopefully, someone similar will arise from the ashes of what we've got right now.

Stick to building houses for the downtrodden from now on, because it's the only decent thing you've done in my lifetime.  And do us all a favor and shut the fuck up while you're at it.

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