November 25, 2009

Sure, not now...

...but just you go ahead and fucking wait...

"This $100 fine is rarely, if ever, going to be exercised unless you are blatantly violating the spirit or the letter of the law," the mayor said.
I'll be over here, in a part of the state where we don't provide subsidies for homeless people to live here, San Fran residents, laughing my ass off at you when that fine starts getting applied every week.

UPDATE: Link fixed.

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November 23, 2009

Too much ammo? The deuce!

This man was arrested and held for $500k in bail in the Soviet of Massachusetts for having too much ammo - 30,000 rounds in .38, .22, and 9mil calibers. He owns weapons in all three calibers. He bought the guns legally in New Hampshire, and was within the grace period in Massachusetts to obtain a firearms card.

Keni Garcia, a Dominican, had been scheduled to become a US Citizen.

Suspicious, yes. But a crime?

Garcia is charged with three counts of possession of a high-capacity firearm, illegal possession of ammunition and illegal storage of a firearm.

His lawyer insists no crime was committed, which I guess they all do, but the way this country is headed the only crime is not having enough ammo.

Comments on this page indicate Massachusetts does have extremely draconian gun laws, and the dude could be in some trouble.

(h/t Scott W Graves)

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November 22, 2009

The Deciders Have Decided On How To Handle The AGW Emails

Yup. Just as I would have imagined. The Wall Of Silence has gone up.

The documents appear to have been acquired illegally and contain all manner of private information and statements that were never intended for the public eye, so they won’t be posted here.

Do I need to point out the irony of the NYT and WAPO breathlessly publishing anything and everything obtained through whatever legal or illegal means that would or could handicap anything a Republican would want to do?

Do I need to point out how the MSM used to hail leakers and hackers as heroes, so long as they helped undermine a policy or party with which they disagreed or helped advance an agenda they supported?

I could go on, but I think we all get the drift. This is a fucking joke. No wonder the NYT's stock price sucks ass.

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November 21, 2009

Smoking voids your Mac warranty

Everybody knows smoking is cool, and owning a Mac is cool, but don't smoke around your Mac or you might void your warranty.

Apple views the smoke residue as a biohazard and an OSHA violation, so they won't fix your computer.

I'm a PC.  (And a non-smoker, except for the occasional cigar.)

(via Slashdot)

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November 17, 2009

Mammogram Bait and Switch

So, preventive medicine, early detection, screening, blah blah blah...

...unless you want a mammogram under the age of 50. Turns out, coincidentally enough, that age 40 isn't a great time to start getting mammograms.

(Blatantly stolen from my co-blogger at PAWatercooler, Lisa Mossie)

So, Obamacare will promote prevention and screening, because that will save money. Except when it won't.  (Guess who decides when it won't.)

Welcome to the politicization of medicine, comrade.  The truthiness shall set you free.

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November 16, 2009

Peace now or I'll beat you down!

ANSWER thugs attack tea part protesters.

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November 15, 2009

FDA messes with Moron Lifestyle

So alcohol is ok.  Caffeine is ok.  And people have been mixing them for seemingly forever in Rum & Coke, Irish Coffee, and, more recently, Red Bull & Vodka.

But companies had better not add caffeine to their adult beverage products, or the FDA will be on them like white on rice.

(via Slashdot)

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November 14, 2009

Are Leftists Turning On Their Own?

Not even a week after the Stupak Amendment became part of the Pelosicare bill, the left really is in a froth against Christians. It has become so bad, the "enlightened" ones are blaming Christianity for the housing crisis.

Ironically, many mainline Protestant groups, as well as the Catholic Church, worked hand in glove with groups such as ACORN to help provide low incoming housing for people in need. And this is how they are repaid? I hate to laugh at people of faith, especially many people of my own denomination, but how do many of the "devout" feel now that their former associates have turned on them in the name of political expediency?

Sorry, folks. You were too naive to understand what cozying up to a bunch of snakes like the Democrat Party would result in. Now you see.

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November 12, 2009

Aaaaaaand the media OUTRAGE begins in...

...3...2...oh, right, never.

I used to like it whan Banana Republic was just a store at the mall.

(Thanks to porknbeasn at The H2.)

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November 11, 2009

Jack Reed Opens His Mouth To Predictably Laughable Results

Recently, Sen. Jack Reed (Dipshit-RI) tried to justify the Obamacare Provision that requires enrollment or jailtime. I wish I had more time and energy to devote to this mindles drivel, but just savor this stupidity.

When asked where specifically the Constitution authorized Congress to mandate that individuals buy health insurance, Sen. Jack Reed (D.-R.I.) said that he “would have to check the specific sections” but said that it was like making people “sign up for the draft.”
“Specifically where in the Constitution does Congress get its authority to mandate that individuals purchase health insurance?” asked Reed.
“Let me see,” said Reed. “I would have to check the specific sections, so I’ll have to get back to you on the specific section. But it is not unusual that the Congress has required individuals to do things, like sign up for the draft and do many other things too, which I don’t think are explicitly contained [in the Constitution].  It gives Congress a right to raise an army, but it doesn’t say you can take people and draft them. But since that was something necessary for the functioning of the government over the past several years, the practice on the books, it’s been recognized, the authority to do that.”

Sooo....Reed is equating Healthcare Conscription with the Draft? Wow. Wrap yourself around that one.

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November 10, 2009

Tinpot Soviet Dictator Richard Daley blames American gun culture for jihadi attack

Says Comrade Daley,

“Unfortunately, America loves Guns. We love guns to a point where that uh we see devastation on a daily basis. You don’t blame a group.”

Video is here

Now, what I find amusing about this is that we have our little Commie dictator Daley bitching about American gun culture, yet this is the same guy who last year advocated for a brief amnesty period for people who forgot to register their long guns in the Soviet of Chicago.  Of course, he only did this once he found out that powerful city Alderman Richard Mell forgot to register his collection of firearms (who of course blamed his staffers for failing to register his personal firearm collection). 

In Chicago, if you forget or otherwise fail to register your guns yearly with the police, your guns are unregistered, illegal to own, and can be confiscated, and you can be charged with illegal possession.  Mell actually helped write this legislature and pass it, oddly enough.  They apparently only granted amnesty to about 25 people, according to Wiki.  Bet they all were big donors to Daley or Mell or somehow connected to power players in Chicago.

Remember kids, if you're liberal enough, powerful enough, and have enough connections, you too can have constitutional rights in Chicago!

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I don't get the same message

Here's a very sad story about a man who died far too young and the wife and children he left behind.  It's supposed to make you believe that we need national health care, but that's not what it pushes me too.

It pushes me the other way.

She believes, as does the writer apparently, that if only we had nationalized health care, records would easily follow patients, and diagnoses would be quick, and paperwork would be readily available, and nurses would feed patients even before they were formally admitted.

I see things the other way around:  it's very easy, under a heavily bureaucratic system, to kick the can uphill.  "Sorry, I can't do that because it's against regulations" is the easiest excuse in the book, and it's the one you'll get from 99% of all government workers.

Think of going to the DMV for your medical records.

It seems clear that there was poor handling of her husband.  But she believes that more government will make it better?

I don't believe it.  Not in a million jillion years.

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November 09, 2009

The Lizard King

And the winner of the Obamacare protest poster contest is...

... this guy:

h/t Amanda Carpenter

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November 08, 2009

Ho Hum. Another Day, Another Round Of SEIU Thugs Beating Somebody Up

This time it was in California.

Ken Hamidi is a state worker at the California Franchise Tax Board. Last night he walked into a union hall in Sacramento for an SEIU local 1000 meeting.

"We had every right to be here, very simple; it wasn't anything private or anything exclusive," said Hamidi.

But Hamidi says the union members did not want him there.

"Three, four people jumped at me, wrestled with me, then did all that," said Hamidi. "I was covered in blood and then over to the emergency room."

Photos of Hamidi in the hospital show him bloodied from the brawl. So why did this happen? Besides being a state worker, Hamidi says he's an unpaid reporter for a cable access show and a vocal critic of the SEIU. He calls the state workers' union corrupt.

"This is a union hall that is leased and is being furnished and equipped and everything with our money," said Hamidi.

Hamidi says he came to the hall to expose how he says SEIU union leaders are spending tens of thousands of dollars on a political race, he claims, they have no right to do. After he and a photographer walked in to the meeting, it didn't take long for Hamidi to be right out the door and on his way to the hospital.

Something tells me that the beating in St. Louis earlier this year by SEIU thugs of an Obamacare opponent was not an isolated event.

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November 07, 2009

Finally: GOP Senator calls out Brady Fascists for their shameless behavior after shootings

Now, if we could just make the retards in media quit spouting off the Brady Campaign's lies and bullshit, we'd be set.  But at least someone has finally called the bastards out for their shameless behavior during events like these.

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November 06, 2009


For the life of me, I'll never understand why people freak out about socialist medicine, yet don't say a fucking word about the state monopoly on the education system, or try and offer a bullshit excuse for it.  It's like they know state-run operations like that lead to disasters, gross inefficiency, corruption and tragedy, but they simply shut down their logical centers when it comes to public schools. Don't. Get. It.

All that said, this is incredibly disturbing, from a grade-schooler's public education materials, this I believe is in Dallas area, of all friggin' places,

Second Amendment: “We can get permission to own weapons to protect ourselves”

Fourth Amendment: “The police need a good reason to arrest someone. They usually need permission to search our homes.”

Be sure to listen to the audio from The Hostages.

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November 03, 2009

To: Obama and the Left. From: Poland.

Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you with the tip of a Hussar's sword soaked in the blood of combat for leaving Poland exposed to the Russians.

The armed forces are said to have carried out "war games" in which nuclear missiles were fired and troops practised an amphibious landing on the country's coast.

Documents obtained by Wprost, one of Poland's leading news magazines, said the exercise was carried out in conjunction with soldiers from Belarus.

The manoeuvres are thought to have been held in September and involved about 13,000 Russian and Belarusian troops.

Poland, which has strained relations with both countries, was cast as the "potential aggressor".

The documents state the exercises, code-named "West", were officially classified as "defensive" but many of the operations appeared to have an offensive nature.

The Russian air force practised using weapons from its nuclear arsenal, while in the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, which neighbours Poland, Red Army forces stormed a "Polish" beach and attacked a gas pipeline.

The operation also involved the simulated suppression of an uprising by a national minority in Belarus – the country has a significant Polish population which has a strained relationship with authoritarian government of Belarus.

Karol Karski, an MP from Poland's Law and Justice, is to table parliamentary questions on Russia's war games and has protested to the European Commission.

His colleague, Marek Opiola MP, said: "It's an attempt to put us in our place. Don't forget all this happened on the 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland."

Ordinary Poles were outraged by news of the exercise and demanded a firm response from the government.

Which government? Certainly not ours.

And to think, Poland has been willing to join every alliance with the United States, and the shitheads in power now do this to them? That is a fucking disgrace.

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November 02, 2009

Remember When The O-Bots Said They Were Fighting Death?

Remember when Keith Olbermann, Alan Grayson, and a bunch of other liberals said that if O-care didn't pass, people would needlessly die? Well, I wonder if they had this example from the Socialized Medicine of Britain in mind.

The one-year-old, known as Baby RB for legal reasons, was born with a rare, genetic muscle condition that makes it hard for him to breathe independently.

The father is fighting a hospital's attempt - backed by the mother - to withdraw his son's life support.

The father's lawyers argue that the boy's brain is unaffected.

This means he can see, hear, interact and play, they say.

Despite having to remain in hospital and being dependent on a ventilator to breathe, he enjoys having stories read to him and listening to music, according to the lawyers.

They are submitting video footage to the court, which they say shows him playing with his toys.

So, in essence, British Healthcare wants to kill a ONE YEAR OLD CHILD because of a health condition? Yeah, I am abso-fucking-lutely sure that this type of shit won't happen here, right? No wonder the left attacked Sarah Palin's "Death Panel" claims. It's because they were true. It's because shit like this happens in countries where rationed care takes place, and anybody who believes it couldn't happen here is naive, foolish, insane, or a Democrat.

Oh, and to the leftards who support Obamacare, I really, really, really, really fucking hope that you are presented with a choice such as this with one of your loved ones presented to you by a bureaucrat. I fucking hope that you have to know what it is like to all but have the power over your loved one's fate taken away from you. And I really fucking hope you realize that trying to play God with someone's life is best left to the Big Man himself, and not to some empty suit behind a desk somewhere in Washington.

Fuck you, O-care advocates. Fuck you with the life support systems you try to remove from people. After seeing a little one writhe in agony yet agony today because her fever came back overnight, I am in no fucking mood to have some assfisting goatsehumper tell me about "quality of life". And if anybody does, what I do to them will become an internet verb.

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