August 30, 2009

Profit is theft

In a WaPo op-ed by a couple of liberal pointy-heads that urges Obama to tack left (more so, I mean) and encourages the Axelturfers to get out there and annoy their friends and neighbors about ObamaCare and the rest of the left's dream agenda, I noticed an Obama quote that I don't think I'd seen before:

Throughout the campaign, Obama cautioned that enacting his ambitious plans would take a fight. In a speech in Milwaukee, he said: "I know how hard it will be to bring about change. Exxon Mobil made $11 billion this past quarter. They don't want to give up their profits easily."
Um, what? Since when is a business supposed to "give up" their profits? And just who, Comrade Obama, are they supposed to be giving that money to? Furthermore, if they're not going to cough up the cash "easily," what are you gonna do about it?

The scary thing is that there are three more years during which we might have those questions answered loud and clear.

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Harry Reid: Man Of The People

Aha! Dingy Harry finally found a job he doesn't want to "save or create".

On Wednesday, before he addressed a Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce luncheon, Reid joined the chamber's board members for a meet-'n'-greet and a photo. One of the last in line was the Review-Journal's director of advertising, Bob Brown, a hard-working Nevadan who toils every day on behalf of advertisers. He has nothing to do with news coverage or the opinion pages of the Review-Journal.

Yet, as Bob shook hands with our senior U.S. senator in what should have been nothing but a gracious business setting, Reid said: "I hope you go out of business."

Later, in his public speech, Reid said he wanted to let everyone know that he wants the Review-Journal to continue selling advertising because the Las Vegas Sun is delivered inside the Review-Journal.

Such behavior cannot go unchallenged.

Exactly. These fucksticks need to be taken down a peg or five. They fucking think they are untouchable and can do what they want? Fuck that shit. Fuck it with a tube sock stuffed with billiard balls. We send you ass clowns to Washington to represent us, and this is what you have in response? Threaten a businessman?

I hope those polls which show you losing in 2010 are correct, Harry, because you need to be fucking taught a lesson. I hope your margin of defeat is wider than the collective sphincters at Media Matters after a Saturday Night Dance Party so that ACORN can't save your smarmy ass.

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August 28, 2009

Remember When Civil Libertarians Accused Bush Of Setting Up A Neo-Fascist Thugocracy?

Yeah, I remember that.I remember how they claimed they were protecting us from the evil Bushies.That's why I expect these Vanguards of Liberty to be all over this story like Oliver Willis on a Filet O Fish.

The Rockefeller proposal plays out against a broader concern in Washington, D.C., about the government's role in cybersecurity. In May, President Obama acknowledged that the government is "not as prepared" as it should be to respond to disruptions and announced that a new cybersecurity coordinator position would be created inside the White House staff. Three months later, that post remains empty, one top cybersecurity aide has quit, and some wags have begun to wonder why a government that receives failing marks on cybersecurity should be trusted to instruct the private sector what to do.

Rockefeller's revised legislation seeks to reshuffle the way the federal government addresses the topic. It requires a "cybersecurity workforce plan" from every federal agency, a "dashboard" pilot project, measurements of hiring effectiveness, and the implementation of a "comprehensive national cybersecurity strategy" in six months--even though its mandatory legal review will take a year to complete.

The privacy implications of sweeping changes implemented before the legal review is finished worry Lee Tien, a senior staff attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation in San Francisco. "As soon as you're saying that the federal government is going to be exercising this kind of power over private networks, it's going to be a really big issue," he says.

Probably the most controversial language begins in Section 201, which permits the president to "direct the national response to the cyber threat" if necessary for "the national defense and security." The White House is supposed to engage in "periodic mapping" of private networks deemed to be critical, and those companies "shall share" requested information with the federal government. ("Cyber" is defined as anything having to do with the Internet, telecommunications, computers, or computer networks.)

"The language has changed but it doesn't contain any real additional limits," EFF's Tien says. "It simply switches the more direct and obvious language they had originally to the more ambiguous (version)...The designation of what is a critical infrastructure system or network as far as I can tell has no specific process. There's no provision for any administrative process or review. That's where the problems seem to start {no fucking shit.-ed}. And then you have the amorphous powers that go along with it."

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Kanjorski: Rebuild Faith in Government

Congressman Kanjorski was on CNBC this morning when he left this gem pass his lips:

We have to take the time, now, to start rebuilding faith in government. I mean, after all, if we start thinking about it, the government and the people are one and the same in the American system. So, if you're going to condemn the success of government, you're condemning the success of the people.

Few words are more abrasive and offensive to conservative sensibility. As our political system drifts further away from the prescribed Constitutional order, Kanjo's statement becomes increasingly scary.

The whole video is just under 9 minutes. Skip ahead to about 6:50 to hear the question and response.

(If you're having problems seeing the video, go to one of the cross-posted sites or the original. is teh suxors.)

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Exit questions: How many times did Kanjo use the word "exacerbate", and how many times did he use it correctly?

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August 25, 2009

Tell Me Again Which Side Contains The Violent Ones

Yup. What a shock that these terrorists were tied to the Democrats.


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August 20, 2009

Leftist propaganda would be hilarious

If it weren't so goddamned dangerous.  The media's new meme is that there are a bunch of angry whities running around and toting "machine guns" (I'm not going to bother trying to explain the difference between a MG, assault rifle, and a semi-auto version of a military rifle, you know the difference, and they don't care) to protests, and they're doing it to intimidate,

And the always obnoxious and pathetic EJ Dionne,

Yes, I have raised the racial issue, and it is profoundly troubling that firearms should begin to appear with some frequency at a president's public events only now, when the president is black. Race is not the only thing at stake here, and I have no knowledge of the personal motivations of those carrying the weapons. But our country has a tortured history on these questions, and we need to be honest about it. Those with the guns should know what memories they are stirring.

So...he doesn't know what the motivations of those who are open carrying are, but he's just going to assume it's racism because Obama is black.  Right...  I'll just take this moment to point out that that this, the guy with the AR-15 that triggered the huge,
Liberal elites show concern about Open Carry protesters standing around with AR-15's doing nothing at protests

...collective shitstorm of handwringing and panic from the liberal elite.  Well, if I had to guess, AR-15 guy is either black, or that Arizona sun is a lot harsher than I realized.  MSNBC of course, in that clip above where they were screeching about ZOMG WINGNUT WHITEY LYNCHMOBZ!!1!111ELVENTY!ONE!1, decided to edit out any evidence that the black dude with the AR was indeed, not a whitey, in order to meet their narrative.

Now, this just made me laugh, the last bit from EJ Dionne,

Will some group of responsible conservatives, preferably life members of the NRA, have the decency to urge their followers to leave their guns at home when they go out to protest the president? Is that too much to ask?

Dear God that is beautiful.  You have to love when some Marxist shitbag like EJ Dionne has to beg the NRA and conservatives like this.  Do you think you'd even read something like that five years ago?  No way would a leftist lower themselves to begging the NRA like this.  This is so fucking awesome. 

Open Carry protestors took a huge gamble doing a carry at big events like this, it could have caused a huge backlash.  Fortunately, thus far they've done it in a smart, responsible way, and I think the shrieking, dishonest hysterics from the media, combined with the "eh, it's legal" response from the Administration, is going to be a victory for Open carry advocates as long as everyone continues to do things responsibly like this guy in Arizona, along with many others.

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August 19, 2009

Yawn. More Astroturfing And Rent-A-Mob Bullshit From Team Obama

Seriously, this shit is starting to get fucking old. This time, it's in Michigan.

Here is a statement from some Michigan Reporter on the astroturfing,

Several readers have criticized the Citizen Patriot's coverage of last week's health care rally outside U.S. Rep. Mark Schauer's office, where hundreds came out — both to support and oppose — President Barack Obama's reform plan.

The chief criticism was that we failed to mention that some supporters were bused in from around the state.

It is true, and it wasn't included in the original story, but not because we were trying to slant coverage. The simple truth is it was a difficult fact to nail down.

You're reading this story today because Tuesday I was able to confirm with the Service Employees International Union that it rented vans and encouraged people to carpool to the event. About 100 SEIU members attended, from as far away as Muskegon and Detroit, said Zac Altefogt, a spokesman for SEIU Healthcare Michigan.

While covering the rally last Thursday, myself and another reporter were told by several opponents of the reform plan that supporters were bused in. But we did not see the buses that night and were unable to pose the question to the supporters' organizer before our deadline.

We left it out of the Friday story because we cannot print speculation as fact.

On Friday, we followed up with Organizing for America, which put out the call for supporters to attend the event. OFA state director Aletheia Henry assured us that her group had not bused people to the rally.

We wrote a short follow-up Saturday and thought it was resolved.

Then this week, some readers e-mailed us photos of supporters standing in front of a bus from Trinity Transportation parked several blocks away near Family Video, 1111 W. Ganson St.

My colleague followed up with Henry. We told her we understood OFA hadn't chartered the buses, but we wondered if she knew who had. She refused to answer the question and then hung up the phone.

Seems like an overreaction to a news organization simply looking for a straight answer.

I give credit to SEIU for not being ashamed to let the community know they used mass transit to get their members to the rally.
So, will that count as a job created or saved by Obama? And what about the carbon footprint for this venture?

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Javonne Spitz Is A Fat, Lying Sack Of Lies

Remember Javonne Spitz? She was/is the orca fat beast caught on tape crying about her arrest at the recent ill-fated Russ Carnahan Town Hall in St. Louis County, MO. At the time, she claimed she was an innocent victim of the jackboot heel of fascism.

Well, as it turns out, this site has video proof of her stirring up shit outside the town hall. Here is Video #1

And Video #2

Javonne, you ignorant fat assed slut! Did you not realize people would videotape you trying to intimidate your opposition? You deserve all of the ridicule you can get, you fucking stupid scrunt.

Thanks to Treacher.

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August 18, 2009

Trouble At A Union Backed Town Hall? Surely You Cannot Be Serious.

I am serious. And don't call me Shirley.

Hundreds of people showed up for a town hall meeting in Orlando to have their voices heard in the healthcare debate, but most of them never made it in the door.

The meeting hosted by Congressman Alan Grayson was held in a union hall that had a capacity of 125 people. Inside the hall the crowd was passionate, but under control. Outside, however, it was nearly a mob scene {gee. I wonder where that meme came from-ed.}.

Before the meeting even started, hundreds of people were lined up outside but only 125 could get in. People lined up outside the meeting venue were fired up and chanting.

"He picks hall with 128-seats, fills half of them before we get here," said Mike Dwyer, concerned citizen.

Seriously, are you shocked, Mr. Concerned Citizen, that a Union Backed Democrat would stack the deck at a town hall? How naive can you be?

But, at least things didn't get as rowdy as they did in NC.

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August 17, 2009


You probably saw this because it's been on Drudge, but if you haven't, click over and watch liberal fascism in action. I wonder if this Congressdouche knew that a camera was rolling when he uttered the money quote that should be in GOP ads against Obamacare immediately...

I will vote adamantly against the interests of my district if I actually think what I am doing is going to be helpful.
Note that even a member of the nutroots audience he's speaking to sounds incredulous.

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Jerry, Run for your life!

So via Eric at Classical Values we (that's the editorial "we", not the royal "We"...for now) find this lovely article.

Apparently, Arizona's state treasurer is suddenly on a "No-fly" list. He's also "buddies" with Janet Napolitano, and by "buddies", I mean they hate each other's guts.

And now the shoe is on the other fist it seems.
His name suddenly appeared on the federal government's "No-Fly" list.
"I'm not able to do any kind of electronic boarding or get any electronic boarding passes or Web check-in," Martin said. "Anytime I fly on an airline I have to go to a counter and prove I am who I am."
When 3TV contacted Napolitano, who is now head of Homeland Security, her spokeswoman, Sara Kuban, responded by sending 3TV a statement in an e-mail.

The explanation?
 It read, "Dean Martin is a common name."

How long before they break down Jerry Lewis' door? He and Deano have been known to pal around you know, almost... conspiratorially.

Eric, in the first link, ties it all in together with the astrosurfing of "Reich Wing Hate Groups" and the DHS "The Right Wing are terrorists!" report from a few months ago in a nice, cheery post all tied up with a bow about how we're all screwed.
He also includes the sadly obligatory, "What if Ashcroft had done this?" question.

Nice freaking guy.
The way today is shaping up, Eli's gonna break his freaking leg in warm-ups tonight.

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flag@ email is gone

The snitch email, it is no mo'.  Now we need to FOIA it.

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Today's Racist Mob-like Rabble Rousing Tea-Bagging Making Meggy McCain Sad Video


Oh, and fuck you Alan Grayson, you fucking coward.

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August 16, 2009

The tolerant left, Vol. MMXXVII

So, Rep. Mike Ross of Arkansas, one of the Blue Dog Dems, said that he would "never vote for a bill to kill old people, period," which seems like an admirable sentiment to me. However, commenter "CranialRectalLoopback" at The Hill disagreed:

When are {I can only assume that CRL intended to add the word "we" here--ed.} going to Vick this blue dog?
I don't know what's more entertaining: the idea that CRL is upset that someone would object to offing the elderly or that s/he is apparently endorsing Michael Vick's dog-fighting ring.

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August 14, 2009

I hate to say it...

...but Nancy Pelosi was right. I mean, you can click right here to see a whole gallery of angry protesters carrying swastikas.


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August 11, 2009

Wait! I Thought Claims Of Euthanasia Were Merely Reich Wing Falsehoods!

This guy may get reported to the Snitch Line soon.

This is the Big Brother nightmare of oppressive government that the shrewd propagandists on the right are always blathering on about. Except that this time, they could not be more right.

Leave aside the argument for ending life when its prospects for continuing seem too painful or too hopeless. Leave it aside because this is one case where Kant’s beautiful categorical imperative—act as though your particular deeds should be a universal law—will never apply. We know that theft and murder are wrong because if they were universally committed, the world would explode in chaos. But the decision to end your life before nature wrenches it away is as rational and humane as the decision to prolong your life by whatever means necessary. Life is too specifically precious to turn its final phase into any type of universal practice, whether it’s enforced by custom or by law.

As for the argument that fruitless tests and “senseless” procedures are bankrupting the health-care system, that is an insult to the intelligence. No one knows which tests and procedures will be effective beforehand. No amount of “study” and research is going to address the particular case and the particular condition, let alone the particular, desperate, irrational will to live—which, in animal terms, is pragmatic and rational.

(And anyone who thinks that we are not all animals—even the “experts” Obama is so enamored of— must read David Rieff’s remarkable account of his mother Susan Sontag’s refusal to accept her doctors’ verdict of imminent death. The will to live does not suddenly become an error of judgment just because a “system” cannot “afford” to accommodate it, especially when the system has the means to do so.)

Most consequential of all, even if limitations were put on certain tests and procedures, the only people who would be affected by it would be the people who, presumably, are the ones meant to be rescued by the very plan that would be imposing those limitations. The financially strapped, in other words, who are the intended beneficiaries of the health care plan would be the only people forbidden access to expensive life-extending technology. The rich will always be able to afford it.


Therein lies much of my opposition to Obama Care. While I care about taxes, costs, lawsuits, pills, etc., the ultimate reason I hate this shit sandwich is the unfairness it will create. Not only will people who cannot afford experimental treatments to save or extend their lives not receive it, but they actually will be forced to "take the pill", whether by fiat or merely by being denied choices. That, coming from a system that will purport to "save all". How fair is that?

Also, while I had scant interest in the Terri Schiavo case, one thing I recall from the pro-Michael faction was that it was not the role of the Government to interfere in a person's medical decisions for life and death. But these same people are now on board with this monstrosity. Go figure. 


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August 10, 2009

Quote of the Day

"It's not raising taxes. It's just getting the money, borrowing from you for a short period, non-interest bearing, and you'll get it back later," explained Sacramento accountant Ken Astle.

Well isn't that handy?

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We heard last week that the SEIU is planning on going on strike in California.

Does that mean they'll stop beating protestors?

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August 09, 2009

This word activist, I do not think it means what you think it means

Behind the cut for size. Here's the link, until it disappears anyway.

(h/t JoeGallant)

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As we know, Obama's gov't has decided to "rethink" the two-war policy.

We also know that Obama has decided to declare victory in the War on (Some) Terror.

Now, he's decided to cripple the CIA so they can't fight it even if they want to.
U.S. Atty. Gen. Eric H. Holder Jr. is poised to appoint a criminal prosecutor to investigate alleged CIA abuses committed during the interrogation of terrorism suspects...
So the CIA is readying for their war with the Obama administration
Bracing for the worst, a small number of CIA officials have put off plans to retire or leave the agency so that they can maintain their access to classified files and be in a better position to defend against a Justice investigation.

You see, Obama has decided to stop the Wo(S)T to fully dedicate his gov't to the War on (Some)  Voters

Please report me to Oh, and cialis, lacey wigs, viagra, britney spears breasts, megan fox naked, michael jackson love child, madelain albright naked
(Okay, that last was uncalled for, so now you really need to report me for subversive thoughts and behavior).

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