May 31, 2010

Gauging reactions

Typical, obvious, but absolutely necessary to track, record, quote and follow leftist and media reactions to Israel's defense activities.  John's write up on it all is dead on, naturally.

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May 26, 2010

Um, why is this okay?

Other sites have covered the whole "Gringo Mask" thing over the past few days, but this jumped right the hell out at me (with my emphasis):

The Arizona requires police to detain anyone whose immigration status may be suspect. Michelle Zubizarreta of Zubi Advertising, one of the nation's leading Hispanic ad agencies, says that means dark-skinned Hispanic people are more at risk of being detained than gringos, slang for white people.
Say, is it just me, or if someone made a mask and called, fuck it.

These aren't even double standards anymore. It's just a big fucking farce. A farce where we all pretend that racism is always wrong no matter what, but then stuff our grubby little fists in our pockets and whistle as we walk away, knowing that certain people are allowed to call others names because of [insert EXCUSE here] and, really, it's not polite to talk about stuff like that, anyway.

Look, I'm not looking for a license to use racial slurs. Far from it. I've been taught all my life not to engage in that sort of crap. I just wish that everyone else felt the same way.

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May 25, 2010

Where I Politely State My Opinion Of Publicly Bailing Out The Unions

No. Fucking Way.

Fuck no. Fuck no. Fuck no. Fuck this shit with an electric fuckprod soaked in the eternal fuckflame of fuck.

Not on my fucking dime, especially after what those fuckgashes have done the last two years with the bused in thugs, the beatings, the intimidation, the violence, and the general fuckheadedness of their side in fucking up my life and trying to make my home state like Cockifornia.

And this definitely is a fucking Rubicon fucking deal for me. Any politician who helps this deal proceed (or doesn't do their damnedest to stop it) needs to get rampfucked Jodie Foster on the pinball machine style with the fuckrapespear of fuck and fucking hate and fury.

Those fucking animals literally beat up some of our side and have done their best to threaten with physical harm those of us who oppose them, and some politicians are OK with that? Not on my fucking watch, you fuckingly fucked up recreants and dastards of fuck. No fucking way will I lay down and let any Republican support this. They have declared war on us, and they deserve a disproportionate response.

Fuck the unions. Fuck their pensions. Fuck their violence. Fuck them all with the fucklaser of fury and ill will. And fuck any politician who supports stealing my money to help them.

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May 14, 2010

HuffPoster proposes the federal government create a Ministry of Truth

No, seriously, he really does.

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May 03, 2010

The Hell is Wrong With Harrisburg?

What is this Orwellian shit?

I heard a radio version of this ad in my car on my way to work.  Fucking creepy as hell.  Is there a reason that the PA Dept of Revenue is putting out ads that make them sound like the fucking Gestapo?

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What Would You Expect From Socialized Medicine?

Hey Cancer Patients, and the loved ones of such who endorse Obamacare:

How's this fucking feel? And don't fucking give me the "well, it works in America" line, because we all know that once Obamacare trailerfucks the heatlhcare industry, this will happen here as well.

NHS bosses are refusing to let cancer patients be treated with potentially life-saving technology – endorsed by senior doctors – at a hospital which has just spent £3m on it.

The Mount Vernon cancer hospital in London has become the first NHS hospital to buy a CyberKnife machine, which delivers radiotherapy with pinpoint accuracy. It is better at targeting tumours than conventional radiotherapy, less damaging than surgery and can treat some patients whose conditions would otherwise be untreatable, say leading oncologists.

But the east of England strategic health authority's specialised commissioning group (SCG) has banned NHS patients from its region from being treated with CyberKnife at the Mount Vernon because it is not convinced the robotic radiosurgery system works {trust me, any cancer patient will try anything, no matter how unsure, if it will work-ed}.

As a result, scores of cancer sufferers every year from Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire whose doctors believe they could benefit from CyberKnife treatment will not be able to go there when it becomes operational in September. Only private patients whose insurers agree to pay will have access. The only two CyberKnifes in use in the UK are at private hospitals in Harley Street, London, where patients pay more than £20,000 for a course of treatment.

My take?

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May 02, 2010

And Yet, Terrorists Can Have Full Legal Protection

What. The. Fuck? This story is wrong on so many levels, I can't even wrap my arms around it. Look, I am pro life. But I see the big picture politically, and am open to those on my side who are a little less amped to eleven on this issue, so long as they agree with me on taxes, spending, The Constitution, judges, defense, and not being a liberal dickbag.

But this? Over a fucking cleft palette? This  is my Rubicon on abortion. Anybody who supports this shit needs to take their coat and hat with them as they leave my tent. This is fucking murder. This is savagery and cruelty to the nth degree. Being pro choice is one thing. But this? No. Fucking. Way.

The baby - weighing just 11oz - survived the procedure, carried out on Saturday in the Rossano Calabro hospital, but was left by doctors to die.

He was discovered alive the following day – some 20 hours after the operation – by Father Antonio Martello, the hospital chaplain, who had gone to pray beside his body.

He found that the baby, wrapped in a sheet with his umbilical cord still attached, was moving and breathing.

The priest raised the alarm and doctors immediately arranged for the infant to be taken to a specialist neo-natal unit at the neighbouring Cosenza hospital, where he died on Monday morning.

Let me repeat the facts, for those more fluent in assfisting retardation than I am: the baby survived the abortion, but was left to die of natural causes for a full fucking day. A. Full. Fucking. Day. And it still was trying to live, still begging for some succor and comfort that was never going to be afforded it because it was abandoned and left to die. Its cries and whimpers left unanswered. All over a cleft palette. In Italy, a country with the technology to fix that issue.

How fucking sick is that? How fucking sick is the leftist pro abortion lobby, that this sort of shit is deemed a worthy practice? And how fucking savage are the pro abortion folks on the left that they must defend this? What, are you afraid that if this batch of savagery is restricted, your kingdom will collapse? If so, then fuck you. Fuck you with a salt enema laced with hate.

And to think, the Western press gets upset when an adult terrorist is forced to stand for ten minutes.

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