August 25, 2010

Oh, Those Violent Teabaggers, vol. 217,238,992

Yeah. Just as I thought.

FreedomWorks provided some of the recordings of the threatening calls to Whispers and they include physical threats and profanity aimed at the group, Tea Party spokesmen and even conservative talkers. "You guys better watch it," says one caller. "Now, we are going to destroy and obliterate Rush {Limbaugh} and Sean Hannity," said another. "Those two guys are dead."

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August 18, 2010

RIAA and NAB want to force electronics manufacturers to put FM radio function in cell phones

I'll say it once, I'll say it a million times, fuck the RIAA, and the NAB is being fucking stupid joining the RIAA ghouls.  Now, here's the thing, I wouldn't mind having AM/FM function on stuff like cell phones, actually, if done well, that'd be a great function, but I sure as fuck don't want manufacturers to be forced through an act of Congress to fucking do it

H/T UnrepentantGeek

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August 17, 2010

"You Go Back Into Your Corner And Don't Come Out Until I Give You Permission."

Nice to see that Captain Bullshit once again has the Midas Touch when it comes to dealing with the Gay/LGBT community. Nice to see he treats them the same way he treats everybody else, complete with telling them to shut up and just fall in line and vote for him. Kinda like this guy, who is the blacker version of Obama:

Oh well. How you feeling now, leftist LGBT folks? At what point are you going to realize you are being used? At what point are you going to realize that all Obama wants from you is your money in exchange for an as yet undefined promise of action that he will jettison the minute he needs to? And how fucking long are you going to realize that while a good number of Gay folks just want to live and be able to walk the streets without being harassed or attacked, you have wedded yourself to a political party so devoid of inner fiber that they will not work for you when the chips are down?

Think of that the next time a Democrat comes calling, telling you he or she has your best interests at heart.

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August 16, 2010

Don't worry LA Times, the fun's only starting

The LA Times made the error of daring to speak out against a branch of the liberal Sturmabteilung, in this case the LA teacher union, thus far the union is only calling for a boycott of the LA Times, which will prove ineffective, because precious few actually read the LA Times.   Just wait till the union thugs start beating you Times guys in the streets like they do Tea Partiers, then the real fun begins!  But anyway, here's the line that matters in the Times' editorial,

"You're leading people in a dangerous direction, making it seem like you can judge the quality of a teacher by … a test," said A.J. Duffy, president of United Teachers Los Angeles, which has more than 40,000 members.


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Is This The New Normal? If So...

The most helpless feeling I ever had in my life was watching my then two year old daughter in an emergency room, tubes and needles all over the place, as she fought an illness that damn near killed her if we were living anywhere but the home of medical innovation and lifesaving creativity instead of the socialist paradises of Europe and Canada. The worst part was knowing that nothing I could do could or would make her suffering go away, and that all I could do is sit next to her, and hope that the doctors, medicines, and equipment buzzing and clicking around us would do their job. Thankfully, everything worked out, and the little one is healthy and happy, no worse for the wear. In fact, she starts Kindergarten later this week.

When my daughter was sick, and her life threatened, medicines and technology saved her life. Same goes for my mother, who, thanks to the American Medical Establishment, will probably beat the freak strain of cancer that tried to kill her after the surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation that she has had to endure. All because America was and is the land if all things possible. All because science and medicine was allowed to flourish here without the rationing vise of Government squeezing it by the head.

That was, until Obama's head of Medicare and Medicaid decided to start doing what those of us on the right said he would do: ration and deny medicine and new treatments, all in the name of whatever the hell it was Rationed Medicine wanted.

As I read this, I thought of something: is the shitty care we feared (and the left called us bigots for proclaiming) The New Normal? Is the hopelessness, rampant unemployment and international humiliation The New Normal? Is a worse life for my daughter than I had at her age The New Normal? Will she or any of the other women in my life be denied life-saving care, or a better future, because a bureaucrat said so?

As I look at my wife and daughter asleep in their beds and worry about what would happen to them if they ever became so sick that a bureaucrat denied their treatment; as I help my mom around her house because the (hopefully) life saving treatment she is enduring has ravaged her body to skeletal appearance, yet knowing she survived because she started her treatments before Obamacare came into being; and as I see my sisters going to get mammograms at an age far earlier than most, in order to make sure they stay on top of any potential threats, I think of "The New Normal." I think of what the left (helped along by the convenient silence of Big Feminism on these issues) has done and wants to do to their futures. I think of their attempts to tell us that we must accept this diminished lifestyle as "The New Normal", and that we are racists and bigots if we say otherwise. I think of that, and I say to those who tell me I must accept the shit sandwich:


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August 14, 2010

Remember This Whenever The Left Claims To Be Pro-Business

Psst..they're full of shit.

Known as Section 199 relief, the deduction in question has been available to companies engaged in energy production, as well as manufacturing, for several years as an incentive to encourage operations and employment.

However, under an amendment introduced by Baucus, which could be voted on in the Senate next month, that deduction would be eliminated for certain players in the energy industry.

According to a memo obtained by Capitol Confidential and written by Senate Finance Committee staffers Scott Mulhauser and Erin Shields, the Baucus amendment is intended as a substitute to another introduced by Sen. Mike Johanns (R-Neb.).  The Johanns amendment is itself intended to modify the Small Business Jobs Act.

The memo states that “the Democratic alternative… would repeal Section 199 of the tax code, which currently allows these corporations to deduct six percent of their income from oil and gas production from their tax liability, effective December 31, 2010.”

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