April 23, 2010

Dodd #FinReg bill will cripple Angel Investing

So sayeth Angel Investor (and former Congressional candidate) Steve Welch [emphasis added]:

In its current state, Senator Chris Dodd’s legislation would make two sweeping changes to the way in which angel investors and entrepreneurs can operate. First, the bill would redefine who would be qualified to be an angel investor. Currently, individuals with either $1 million in investable assets or $250,000 in income qualify as accredited investors. The new bill would change this to individuals with $2.3 million in assets or $450,000 in income. According to the Kauffman Foundation, this would eliminate 77 percent of accredited investors. This would single-handedly reduce the amount of capital available to early stage businesses and stunt our much needed job creation.

In addition, the bill would require any company attempting to raise angel investment to seek SEC approval, which would take up to 4 months. As an active angel investor myself, I can say with certainty that companies in this stage can rarely wait four months for funding. They will simply be forced to close up shop.
Please go read the whole thing.

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Tell Me Once Again Who The Intolerant Ones Are

By now, I am sure you have seen this story, but what a fucking joke this is.

Veteran Rep. Babette Josephs (D., Phila.) last Thursday accused her primary opponent, Gregg Kravitz, of pretending to be bisexual in order to pander to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender voters, a powerful bloc in the district.

"I outed him as a straight person," Josephs said during a fund-raiser at the Black Sheep Pub & Restaurant, as some in the audience gasped or laughed, "and now he goes around telling people, quote, 'I swing both ways.' That's quite a respectful way to talk about sexuality. This guy's a gem."

Kravitz, 29, said that he is sexually attracted to both men and women and called Josephs' comments offensive.

"That kind of taunting is going to make it more difficult for closeted members of the LGBT community to be comfortable with themselves," Kravitz said. "It's damaging."

Again, note the political party behind this squabble, and tell me that the GOP has a "Teh Ghey Bashing" problem. Go on, I'll wait.

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April 20, 2010

Bunch of fucking Nazis

The film studio that made Downfall is now demanding that Youtube begin removing some of the more popular Downfall videos, and Youtube is complying...though I'll note it looks like people are putting one or two of them back up.  Oddly enough, the director of Downfall thinks it's funny and is totally cool with it, but the studio itself is acting all butthurt about the fact that the movie is being used in parody.

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Ooooh, a Crisis! Let's expand the govt's control!

Saw this at the puppy blender's place, since theEUnuch response to the ash cloud over EUnuchstan was so poor it means the EU needs more control!
In the European Parliament MEPs took it in turns to urge the EU to do more.

Wow, EUrocrats wanting to expand their power.

Exit question.
Upon seeing the headlines Ash Shuts Down EU Airspace, am I the only one who thought, "Hail to the king baby."?

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April 13, 2010

And What Comes After Catharsis?

I won't even attempt to top the following piece by Victor Davis Hanson, so go and read it all your lonesome. But, this paragraph triggered a thought in my head:

Politics is high-stakes poker with real losers and winners, not a mere parlor game. The country voted for the party of Pelosi, Reid, and Obama, and for once such statists are governing in the manner of their rhetoric. Time will soon tell whether this strange American experience is transitory and so becomes a needed catharsis, or whether it will be institutionalized and thus result in an enduring tragedy — this rare moment when the dreams of a zealous few are at last becoming the nightmares of a complacent many.

Right there,VDH explains what has and is happening before our very eyes. We are seeing the rise of a tyranny of the minority. Not minority in the sense of race, gender, religion, or hamster preference, but the imposition of the will of a political minority (at least polling wise) by its foolish leadership against the wishes of the now majority of people who oppose what is happening. What is most galling is how with every new poll, every politician "retiring" in the face of bad news, and every electoral humiliation, the left seems intent on pushing faster and harder, as if to stick the middle finger in the eye of America.

Well, I have something to say, as a member of the majority of Americans:

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April 09, 2010

Stay classy, NJ teacher union thugs

From a memo the union released,

The Record of Bergen County obtained the Bergen County Education Association memo that includes a closing prayer:

"Dear Lord this year you have taken away my favorite actor, Patrick Swayze, my favorite actress, Farrah Fawcett, my favorite singer, Michael Jackson, and my favorite salesman, Billy Mays. I just wanted to let you know that Chris Christie is my favorite governor."

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More Teabagging Violence, Rudeness, And Death Threats

Yeah, those damn teabaggers, wishing for death to befall a politician. Fucking Christianist inbred bigots. Jeebus horsecocking Christ, what the fuckingly fucked up fuckjousting with a bisexual chimp are those teabaggers doing? Wishing death on people? Fuck the world with a goathorn!

The Record of Bergen County obtained the Bergen County Education Association memo that includes a closing prayer:

"Dear Lord this year you have taken away my favorite actor, Patrick Swayze, my favorite actress, Farrah Fawcett, my favorite singer, Michael Jackson, and my favorite salesman, Billy Mays. I just wanted to let you know that Chris Christie is my favorite governor."

Oh, since it was used by a Union Thug against a Republican, I guess it's kosher, right?

Association president Joe Coppola says the "prayer" was a joke and was never meant to be made public.

Oh, a fucking comedian! Well played, Vaudeville! And while you are at it, can I just say (in joke form) that it would be really fucking awesome if you were sodomized unwillingly by the New Jersey Devil with the North Goalpost from Giants Stadium coated in Fuck Sundae flavoring? Because that is a fucking awesome joke, isn't it, Assfister McGee? Man, I fucking laughed my ass all the way to the River of Awesome with that one.

Fuck you, assholes. Fuck you with the wastewater from the Fuckriver of Fuck. Fuck you for telling us we can't make fucking (non violent and non death wish-y) jokes about your politicians, but the moment you crack one on us, we are supposed to just laugh it off?

Well, fuck you, the snatch end of a Bob Crane video. Fuck you forever, get a real fucking job, and leave the comedy to Jonathan Winters.

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April 08, 2010

Those Awful Teahadis And Their Violence


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April 07, 2010

An Open Letter To Congressman Jim Moran

Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you forever, tentacle rape style from the cockmonkeyed treehouse of fuck. Fuck you for lying about current opponents of Obamacare. Fuck you for lying about how we operate and view the world. And fuckingly fuck you fuckheadedly for fucking lying about Ronald Reagan and claiming his support for freeing people is a terrorist act.

Fuck you, Congressman Moran. Fuck you, for you don't know me. You don't know what it's like for me to see damn near half of my fucking paycheck stolen from me by an etch a sketch style fuckface such as you. You don't know how much it hurts me to see my freedom limited without my consent. You don't know how it hurts me to see my daughter's future given the public park bathroom greeting through shitty and rationed care. You don't understand how much it hurts to see my voice ignored and ridiculed. And fuck you for trying to take a logical leap of faith bigger than the one that Indiana Jones took by trying to claim that my non violent opposition to your votes puts me in the same cohort with violent freaks.

So fuck off, Congressman. Fuck off with your soon to be minority status. And get fucked with the fuckmagnets of fury. I can't wait for November.

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So Racism Really Did Exist At The Tea Parties After All


They’ve been called Oreos, traitors and Uncle Toms, and are used to having to defend their values. Now black conservatives are really taking heat for their involvement in the mostly white tea party movement — and for having the audacity to oppose the policies of the nation’s first black president.

“I’ve been told I hate myself. I’ve been called an Uncle Tom. I’ve been told I’m a spook at the door,” said Timothy F. Johnson, chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, a group of black conservatives who support free market principles and limited government.

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April 06, 2010

Here's What I Think Of Your Call For Civility

This DNC Press Release Politico Article seems to be genuinely dismayed that our congressbetters have not been treated warmly by the lumpenproletariat as they return home bearing the spoils of class warfare and gifts of Obamacare. Witness the plight of some Democrats going home to New Hampshire.

While the landmark health care reform law is driving much of the hostility, at a handful of events here in the week after its passage, voters expressed profound cynicism and suspicion not just about the legislation but about Washington, government and virtually everything that came out of their legislators’ mouths.

A man who did not want to be identified said he pulled Hodes aside at the Manchester event to ask him why he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. The congressman told him he’s allergic to gold. His constituent remained skeptical.

“It’s a satisfactory answer, but I don’t know if it’s true,” the man said afterward, citing “all the improprieties out there” as the reason he inquired.

For her part, at back-to-back town hall meetings in Bedford and Merrimack, Shea-Porter faced consistent boos, heckles and catcalls after almost every point she rattled off in defense of her vote. 

Despite an effort to accommodate questions from the raucous crowds with a ticketed lottery system and a two-minute time limit for speakers, the congresswoman got little credit from the audience. If anything, it gave her opponents fresh ammunition.

"Why can't we ask a question?" yelled one man, objecting to a format that randomly selected numbers out of a tub of tickets to choose questioners.

"Are you a princess or a representative?" chastised one woman. 

Yet another man was miffed that he received a form letter from the representative's office in response to six specific questions he sent her by mail.

"I expect a reply. I heard a position statement that did not answer any of my questions," complained Ben Niles of Merrimack.

Oh, and Lefties, I am amused by your sudden calls for civility, now that you are in the minority. In fact, I have a response.


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