August 17, 2010

"You Go Back Into Your Corner And Don't Come Out Until I Give You Permission."

Nice to see that Captain Bullshit once again has the Midas Touch when it comes to dealing with the Gay/LGBT community. Nice to see he treats them the same way he treats everybody else, complete with telling them to shut up and just fall in line and vote for him. Kinda like this guy, who is the blacker version of Obama:

Oh well. How you feeling now, leftist LGBT folks? At what point are you going to realize you are being used? At what point are you going to realize that all Obama wants from you is your money in exchange for an as yet undefined promise of action that he will jettison the minute he needs to? And how fucking long are you going to realize that while a good number of Gay folks just want to live and be able to walk the streets without being harassed or attacked, you have wedded yourself to a political party so devoid of inner fiber that they will not work for you when the chips are down?

Think of that the next time a Democrat comes calling, telling you he or she has your best interests at heart.

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