May 25, 2010

Where I Politely State My Opinion Of Publicly Bailing Out The Unions

No. Fucking Way.

Fuck no. Fuck no. Fuck no. Fuck this shit with an electric fuckprod soaked in the eternal fuckflame of fuck.

Not on my fucking dime, especially after what those fuckgashes have done the last two years with the bused in thugs, the beatings, the intimidation, the violence, and the general fuckheadedness of their side in fucking up my life and trying to make my home state like Cockifornia.

And this definitely is a fucking Rubicon fucking deal for me. Any politician who helps this deal proceed (or doesn't do their damnedest to stop it) needs to get rampfucked Jodie Foster on the pinball machine style with the fuckrapespear of fuck and fucking hate and fury.

Those fucking animals literally beat up some of our side and have done their best to threaten with physical harm those of us who oppose them, and some politicians are OK with that? Not on my fucking watch, you fuckingly fucked up recreants and dastards of fuck. No fucking way will I lay down and let any Republican support this. They have declared war on us, and they deserve a disproportionate response.

Fuck the unions. Fuck their pensions. Fuck their violence. Fuck them all with the fucklaser of fury and ill will. And fuck any politician who supports stealing my money to help them.

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