May 03, 2010

What Would You Expect From Socialized Medicine?

Hey Cancer Patients, and the loved ones of such who endorse Obamacare:

How's this fucking feel? And don't fucking give me the "well, it works in America" line, because we all know that once Obamacare trailerfucks the heatlhcare industry, this will happen here as well.

NHS bosses are refusing to let cancer patients be treated with potentially life-saving technology – endorsed by senior doctors – at a hospital which has just spent £3m on it.

The Mount Vernon cancer hospital in London has become the first NHS hospital to buy a CyberKnife machine, which delivers radiotherapy with pinpoint accuracy. It is better at targeting tumours than conventional radiotherapy, less damaging than surgery and can treat some patients whose conditions would otherwise be untreatable, say leading oncologists.

But the east of England strategic health authority's specialised commissioning group (SCG) has banned NHS patients from its region from being treated with CyberKnife at the Mount Vernon because it is not convinced the robotic radiosurgery system works {trust me, any cancer patient will try anything, no matter how unsure, if it will work-ed}.

As a result, scores of cancer sufferers every year from Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire whose doctors believe they could benefit from CyberKnife treatment will not be able to go there when it becomes operational in September. Only private patients whose insurers agree to pay will have access. The only two CyberKnifes in use in the UK are at private hospitals in Harley Street, London, where patients pay more than £20,000 for a course of treatment.

My take?
Fuck you, Obamacare zealots. Fuck you and your fucking fucktwinkly eyefuckingly fucked up style with a rocketload of molten fuck by the plagueload. Fuck you for thinking that socialized medicine is the way to go, regardless of the consequences of such. Fuck you for putting in place a process that will deny potentially life saving, though risky, treatments to people who really could fucking use them. And fuck you for considering the death of somebody because a bureaucrat denied life saving technology as an unfortunate consequence.

Tell you what, you jinglefucked jackfuckingly jetfucked jizzmopping jackasses of jolly jugglefucking, you go have one of your loved ones be told they have no hope, only to find out that some technology that could potentially either save their life or extend it was denied by a bureaucrat put into place by your messiah. You do that, and then come back and tell me how it feels. Tell me you still think one person dying to save Obamacare is a sad necessity. You tell me some eggs need to be scrambled for the greater good. You tell me that a loved one's death by rationing is acceptable to bend the cost curve down. You fucking do that to me right about now, and parts of you will be in five different states at one time before you finish your last sentence as I rocketfuck the juices out of your well worn orifices.

So fuck off, you fuckingly fuckdumpstered fucktrees of fuck. Fuck you and your rationing plans that ultimately will kill people. And get fucked by the machines you wish to prevent us from having to save lives while you are at it.

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