July 04, 2009

What he said

What Steyn said.

I would add a bunch more profanity but yeah, what he said. 

It's been bandied about how the blood sports politics has become is driving out the sane people.  I believe this is the ultimate example of that.  Contra everyone else, I believe that she's done with politics, at least running for office.  Why the hell should she do that?  Why the hell would *anyone* run for national office?  Truly, it's become utterly vile. 

No, I don't think she should have resigned.  But I'm not facing bankruptcy.  I'm not watching my special needs infant be savaged.  (There's a special place in Hell for what some people have been posting and saying about Trig and I don't simply mean Andi)  I'm not watching my teenager daughter have to be a teen mom, a single mom and an international laughing stock.  I'm not having to worry about a son in Iraq and a 14 yo girl be deemed a valid target.  I'm speculating on this, but I would bet that I'm also not having to watch my husband, a good, honorable man, have his damn hands tied and not be able to protect his family against all of the above. 

People are wondering what else is really behind this.  My guess?  The family was falling apart.  Whose wouldn't under all of this?  The reason why people love Palin so freaking hard is because she comes across as a normal human being.  And a normal human being who is in a job that is destroying the family steps back and evaluates whether or not the job is worth it.  Other than the obligation to the voters, how the hell is that job worth it?  If Palin could not be effective as Governor due to the constant ethics complaints, then there is no positive left. 

No, I don't think she should have done it.  Yes, I do think this disqualifies her for higher office.  But I do understand why she would leave.  And I think that says something truly vile about our society and our politics. 

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