September 23, 2009

What business is it of yours? Oh, it's not.

Looks like the exchange of ideas between Deval Patrick and his good buddy, Barack Obama, is a two-way street...

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick said Wednesday he has instructed state employees to stop doing business with Hyatt hotels until it rehires 100 housekeepers it fired last month.

Hyatt Hotel Corp., citing declining revenues, laid off the Boston-area housekeepers and replaced them with lower-paid workers from a Georgia company.
Now, there are some details in the article that make it sound like Hyatt fired these workers in a pretty dickish manner, but it doesn't sound to me (and, granted, I'm not a law-talkin' guy) like they did anything illegal. That said, since when does an elected official get to push around a private business over its own internal personnel decisions?

Oh, right. Since sometime around January 20th of this year.

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