September 20, 2009

Well, I Guess You Might As Well Give Me My White Sheet

I wonder if Rosetta realized how prescient he was during the last days of the 2008 election and the fact anybody who opposed Obama would be called a racist, justified or not.

Well, we all know how Team Obama has handled any criticism of The One since he took the oath in January, so I won't beat that dead horse with a gazillion links, other than to urge you to look at the flow chart at

In that case, get me my fucking white sheet and robe, and let's be done with it. But since I now am an official racist, let me get one last blast in to the O-bots who have thrown this charge around:

Fuck you. Fuck you through your limp dick with the Pear of Anguish soaked with saline solution and Super AIDS. You have thrown the racism charge around so much and in such a cavalier fashion, you have cheapened it to the point it no longer holds the sting it could have when real shitheads and racists use it.

But, since you seem to think that any and all criticism of Obama is racist, let's run down my racism:
*Gathering in opposition to an attempt to fuck the country up the ass with runaway taxes, government run health care, looming inflation, perpetual 10% unemployment, and more government meddling in our lives is now racist? Good to know.
*Blogging about or discussing said events on the radio or Television is racist? How did I miss that?
*Defending a Congressman who dared to speak out to The One? Fly the Stars & Bars!
*Exposing the dirty dealings of a corrupt "Community Organizing" group by pretending to be a pimp and a hooker, or calling out union thugs for their actions? Get out the White Sheets, Mabel.
*Exposing the shady associations of an avowed Marxist and Truther who potentially was going to have his hand in the middle of a metric assload of money and regulations? Let's hang out with Fuzzy Zoeller.

I could go on, but that is only a fraction of the racist activities I have been associated with, and I believe you get the point.

But as I look into my daughter's room as she sleeps, and my wife as she prepares for bed, I now can and will defend my racism, if it means helping them. You see, my racism also includes wanting to keep my daughter safe and as unburdened as possible with a national debt or shitty healthcare. My racism includes wanting her to have as many opportunities to succeed and prosper in life as I did and continue to have. My racism includes not wanting to see my parents in a few years told,  "Just take this pill", or my wife or daughter told they couldn't have a certain treatment because Fuckface Q. Bureaucrat said no. My racism includes not wanting to have my choice of how I get around limited by regulations or taxes, and not wanting to have all of my life choices dictated to me by some horsefucker in Washington. And my racism will not allow me to sit idly by without comment while our nation's ability to defend itself gets the Jodie Foster on the Pinball Machine treatment from a bunch of people who seem more willing to coddle Marxists, terrorists, thug states, and old Cold War rivals than stick up for free people.

Oh, and notice what I didn't bring up in all of this? That's right! Obama's skin color. To me, all of this boils down to his policies. But those who do accuse me of being a racist simply for opposing Obama are the myopic ones, for you are incapable of seeing beyond race. And in doing so, I have no use in debating you, because I can predict almost to the word what you will say to me and about me merely for my opposition to The One. I would have a more fruitful discussion with a flaming bag of dried gorilla jizz than deal with the unoriginal Sithead McGees of the world who fall back to the tired, old, meritless charges.

And finally, that bullshit some people are pulling where they find a few pictures, comments, links, blogroll spots, sharing the same oxygen with "bad"people, or what have you, and then demanding that I renounce said things, is more retarded than Sean Penn when he is not in "Sam I Am". I will not engage in that sort of stupidity, for it is nothing more than a tired attempt to neutralize the heart of my views on Obama and his policies without discussing the actual issue at hand, and once again illustrates how weak the ones crying "racism" really are.

So, fuck you, you thoughtless assclowns, and leave the nation rebuilding to us racists.

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