August 11, 2009

Wait! I Thought Claims Of Euthanasia Were Merely Reich Wing Falsehoods!

This guy may get reported to the Snitch Line soon.

This is the Big Brother nightmare of oppressive government that the shrewd propagandists on the right are always blathering on about. Except that this time, they could not be more right.

Leave aside the argument for ending life when its prospects for continuing seem too painful or too hopeless. Leave it aside because this is one case where Kant’s beautiful categorical imperative—act as though your particular deeds should be a universal law—will never apply. We know that theft and murder are wrong because if they were universally committed, the world would explode in chaos. But the decision to end your life before nature wrenches it away is as rational and humane as the decision to prolong your life by whatever means necessary. Life is too specifically precious to turn its final phase into any type of universal practice, whether it’s enforced by custom or by law.

As for the argument that fruitless tests and “senseless” procedures are bankrupting the health-care system, that is an insult to the intelligence. No one knows which tests and procedures will be effective beforehand. No amount of “study” and research is going to address the particular case and the particular condition, let alone the particular, desperate, irrational will to live—which, in animal terms, is pragmatic and rational.

(And anyone who thinks that we are not all animals—even the “experts” Obama is so enamored of— must read David Rieff’s remarkable account of his mother Susan Sontag’s refusal to accept her doctors’ verdict of imminent death. The will to live does not suddenly become an error of judgment just because a “system” cannot “afford” to accommodate it, especially when the system has the means to do so.)

Most consequential of all, even if limitations were put on certain tests and procedures, the only people who would be affected by it would be the people who, presumably, are the ones meant to be rescued by the very plan that would be imposing those limitations. The financially strapped, in other words, who are the intended beneficiaries of the health care plan would be the only people forbidden access to expensive life-extending technology. The rich will always be able to afford it.


Therein lies much of my opposition to Obama Care. While I care about taxes, costs, lawsuits, pills, etc., the ultimate reason I hate this shit sandwich is the unfairness it will create. Not only will people who cannot afford experimental treatments to save or extend their lives not receive it, but they actually will be forced to "take the pill", whether by fiat or merely by being denied choices. That, coming from a system that will purport to "save all". How fair is that?

Also, while I had scant interest in the Terri Schiavo case, one thing I recall from the pro-Michael faction was that it was not the role of the Government to interfere in a person's medical decisions for life and death. But these same people are now on board with this monstrosity. Go figure. 

 Oh, and just for the hell of it:

Fuck you, O-bots! Fuck you up your collectives asses with the rotting carcass of a dessicated muskrat. Who the fuck do you think you fucking are, deciding who lives and who dies? How the fuck would you fucking feel is one of your fucking relatives was told just to "take the pill"?  Answer me that, Fuckstick Mc Fuckyface.

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