May 26, 2010

Um, why is this okay?

Other sites have covered the whole "Gringo Mask" thing over the past few days, but this jumped right the hell out at me (with my emphasis):

The Arizona requires police to detain anyone whose immigration status may be suspect. Michelle Zubizarreta of Zubi Advertising, one of the nation's leading Hispanic ad agencies, says that means dark-skinned Hispanic people are more at risk of being detained than gringos, slang for white people.
Say, is it just me, or if someone made a mask and called, fuck it.

These aren't even double standards anymore. It's just a big fucking farce. A farce where we all pretend that racism is always wrong no matter what, but then stuff our grubby little fists in our pockets and whistle as we walk away, knowing that certain people are allowed to call others names because of [insert EXCUSE here] and, really, it's not polite to talk about stuff like that, anyway.

Look, I'm not looking for a license to use racial slurs. Far from it. I've been taught all my life not to engage in that sort of crap. I just wish that everyone else felt the same way.

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