August 18, 2009

Trouble At A Union Backed Town Hall? Surely You Cannot Be Serious.

I am serious. And don't call me Shirley.

Hundreds of people showed up for a town hall meeting in Orlando to have their voices heard in the healthcare debate, but most of them never made it in the door.

The meeting hosted by Congressman Alan Grayson was held in a union hall that had a capacity of 125 people. Inside the hall the crowd was passionate, but under control. Outside, however, it was nearly a mob scene {gee. I wonder where that meme came from-ed.}.

Before the meeting even started, hundreds of people were lined up outside but only 125 could get in. People lined up outside the meeting venue were fired up and chanting.

"He picks hall with 128-seats, fills half of them before we get here," said Mike Dwyer, concerned citizen.

Seriously, are you shocked, Mr. Concerned Citizen, that a Union Backed Democrat would stack the deck at a town hall? How naive can you be?

But, at least things didn't get as rowdy as they did in NC.

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