May 24, 2009

The tolerant left

Nyuck nyuck nyuck! We'll make "rug-munching" jokes, but then cover our asses by adding the NTTAWWT disclaimer. You know, since we're not homophobic or anything. But, well, wouldn't it be funny if everybody in Carrie's family was a FAG or a LEZZIE?!!!!11one!!1!eleventy!!! Har! Though, not that there's anyth—yeah, who are we kidding? If you're the slightest bit Christian or conservative or are connected to any such person, rumors about your sexual proclivities are teh funneh!

To borrow a phrase, it's supposedly BECAUSE OF THE HYPOCRISY!!! Uh-huh. Not like it's a cudgel to beat people into silence or anything. Of course not.

Notice that the anti-gay-marriage stance of a certain Public Fister is never mentioned.

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