October 24, 2009

Tell Me Again Who Wants To See People Die

I'm talking to you, Congresmman Grayson. You run around like a halfwit set free from the asylum, screaming about how those opposed to Obamacare want to see people die.

Well, what about this, a proposed tax on pacemakers and wheelchairs? How will that help the people who need that shit the most? Now, in fairness, Grayson is not pushing this particular part of Obamacare (that we know of). But he has become one of the more vocal supporters of the legislation, so that means he and others like him need to be held accountable for proposing stuff like this, especially And especially since he serves in a state that is Old Folks Central. I'm sure they would love to hear this.

So fuck you with the lit candlesticks that Liberace used to put on his piano, Obama supporters. I hope you enjoy a new career starting in 2011 if you push this crap.

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