March 16, 2010

Sure, you wanna compare Glenn Beck to the Hitlerjugend?

So, apparently Glenn Beck at some point noted that some Catholic priests and bishops reject the "social justice" (read: cede the church's traditional role in society as provider of aid to those in need and agitate for socialism) agenda, and advocates leaving churches that advocate "social justice" for ones that oppose it.  Some tool named Anthony Stevens-Arroyo in the WaPo compared him to the Hitler Youth.  Let's talk about Hitler Youth, Mr. Stevens-Arroyo,

Below the fold,

I dunno, this looks a hell of a lot more like the Hitlerjugend than Beck advocating people who have a serious philosophical difference with a large part of their church seek out churches with a similar viewpoint.  How about this one,

...vaguely reminiscent of the Hitlerjugend?  Or maybe this?

Still not convinced?  I have moar,

Oh, you thought I was done?  Oh no, I got moar, how about a full orchestra and choir?

I better never, ever hear a leftist throw out the fascist epithet at the right in my presence ever again.  After watching this sort of child abuse in the name of Dear Leader Barack over the past two years, my patience for liberals calling me or anyone else on the right a fascist is zero.

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