March 16, 2010

Some Numbers To Chew On

How much you want to bet that breast cancer survival rates will plunge if Obamacare passes while the lead time between discovery of a lump and an effective consultation with a specialist/surgeon team will go from two to three weeks to whenever a bureaucrat approves you will increase? How much you want to bet that fewer doctors will want to get into, or stay in, practice if Government meddling takes place? And how much you want to bet that O-care will actually make costs increase? Tell me I am wrong, and right about now, I will do to your person what William Tecumseh Sherman wanted to do to Georgia, but held back out of courtesy.

Yeah, fuck you O-care supporters. Fuck you with the used condom from that special chicken wrapped soaked in hate and around my boot. Fuck you for wanting to destroy everything and everybody I hold dear by replacing excellent service with the equivalent of "that guy" from a frat party who claims to know how to beat a drug test and/or avoid pregnancy with a can of Dr. Pepper. Fuck you for trying to demonize medical and insurance professionals who already suffer under the fucking yoke of legal harassment, and yet still are able to help people as best as they can. And fucking fuck you fuckrancid style with the fucking fuckbeagle of fuckingly fucked up fuckwitlessness for thinking that people would be better off with rationed or completely unobtainable care.

Fuck off, and stand in the back of the line you want all of us to endure.

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