February 11, 2010

So, That's How It's Going To Be, Eh?

Madame Speaker thinks she can ram Obamacare through?

Lemme see. After months of polling, special elections, legislative stalemates, massive and growing to massiver disapproval numbers, shady bribes and backroom deals, protests, and a general sentiment that this bill will be so unpopular, Charles Manson trying to give unwanted goatse giveaways will be more popular than this bill, Madame Speaker thinks this is a spiffy idea?

Really? I mean, fucking really?

Well, okay.


Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. Fuck you from the future all MacGyver like with a staple remover, a USB Port, and some candle wax. Fuck you for repeatedly ignoring every fucking warning and Ike Turner slapdowns the American People have given you. Fuck you for ignoring the will of the people. Fuck you for trying to utilize a shady legislative trick (the same one you killed Republicans for mulling in 2003 over judges). And fuck you, just because I feel like saying it.

I guess nothing will work with you. I guess you feel as though you can do whatever you fucking want, and not what the fucking people have fucking told you over, and over, and ofuckingver. I guess you feel the lure of the history books is more important than the financial realities with which you will cripple Americans with passage of this fucked up bag of fucking tailpipe enema style fuckitude. And I guess you don't care how shitty our lives are going to become because of this bill.

Well, fuck that fucking fuckfilter of shit. Fuck it with the camel clutch. Fuck it fuckbag of fucking fuckity fuck fuck style, you fucking flailing fuckdumpsters of fucking dickfisting fucking fuckity fuck on a mattress. I guess the only way to teach you how we feel about your fucking arrogance is to vote your fucking asses out of fucking office. In that case, so be it. Suffer through the FAIL enema, lefties, because we are ready to vote your asses out.

Fuck off, and take your botox with you.

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