February 20, 2009

Shocka! The O-Bots Hate Rick Santelli Of CNBC!

This screed by a Marin County liberal is fairly pedestrian, except for this line, that is popping up more and more in liberal discourse.

Cuba. Oh, dear. Yeah, it’s fun, and colorful and the rant makes for a lot of Twitter and blog buzz. But digging a little deeper, the rhetoric/hysteria a la Fox News is damaging to national discourse.

As for this “moral hazard” business, all I can know for sure is: in my neighborhood of very modest Marin County homes, the mortgage crisis has hit the Hispanic households the hardest. They work hard. They weren’t buying luxury homes. Sure, there were a few speculators. But mostly, they just wanted a little piece of the American dream, especially good schools for their kids and closer proximity to their work.

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