March 10, 2010

Sean Penn Supports A Murderous Thug And Anti Semitic Enabler

Fuck you, Spicoli. Fuck you and your bizzare obsession with anal diseases and arresting peoplewith whom you disagree. Fuck you and your fucking rump-fed addlepated fuckbacked puttockpuckingly Anti-Semitic peckerpicker enabling ass with the hell fucked leaden apes of fuckedupedness and towelfucking.

Who the fuck are you to tell me that I cannot criticize and mock a foreign thug on my home fucking soil? Who the fuck are you to wish a horrible disease on me because of a political disagreement? And who the fuck fuck fuckity fuckballoon of fuckfisting are you to condemn my views while you allow this shit to go on in the land of your hero?

The point is, Venezuela's Jewish community is facing an existential threat, all due to the policies and actions of that "great man" Hugo Chavez.  Many have already fled the country for the USA, Israel, and other countries across the hemisphere.  Those that remain face ongoing harassment and outright antisemitism from agents of the Chavez government.  Until Chavez's ascent to power, Venezuela was one of the few countries where there was no real anti-semitic tradition or legacy.  Jews were active in Venezuelan life, and achieved success in that society's highest levels, interacting with Catholics and Muslims in all facets of civil society.  Now, the community has nothing to look forward other than a bleak future

Yeah, how the fuck can you stay silent there, fuckhead? How the fuck can you claim Chavez is a great man while he enables violence against a religious minority? And how the fuck can you dare fucking tell me to shut up when voices need to be raised in awareness of what Chavez is doing?

Fuck you, Sean Penn. Fuck you forever with the specter of the people your words condemn to a life of misery. And fucking catch rectal cnacer yourself, you fucking dickhead.

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