November 02, 2009

Remember When The O-Bots Said They Were Fighting Death?

Remember when Keith Olbermann, Alan Grayson, and a bunch of other liberals said that if O-care didn't pass, people would needlessly die? Well, I wonder if they had this example from the Socialized Medicine of Britain in mind.

The one-year-old, known as Baby RB for legal reasons, was born with a rare, genetic muscle condition that makes it hard for him to breathe independently.

The father is fighting a hospital's attempt - backed by the mother - to withdraw his son's life support.

The father's lawyers argue that the boy's brain is unaffected.

This means he can see, hear, interact and play, they say.

Despite having to remain in hospital and being dependent on a ventilator to breathe, he enjoys having stories read to him and listening to music, according to the lawyers.

They are submitting video footage to the court, which they say shows him playing with his toys.

So, in essence, British Healthcare wants to kill a ONE YEAR OLD CHILD because of a health condition? Yeah, I am abso-fucking-lutely sure that this type of shit won't happen here, right? No wonder the left attacked Sarah Palin's "Death Panel" claims. It's because they were true. It's because shit like this happens in countries where rationed care takes place, and anybody who believes it couldn't happen here is naive, foolish, insane, or a Democrat.

Oh, and to the leftards who support Obamacare, I really, really, really, really fucking hope that you are presented with a choice such as this with one of your loved ones presented to you by a bureaucrat. I fucking hope that you have to know what it is like to all but have the power over your loved one's fate taken away from you. And I really fucking hope you realize that trying to play God with someone's life is best left to the Big Man himself, and not to some empty suit behind a desk somewhere in Washington.

Fuck you, O-care advocates. Fuck you with the life support systems you try to remove from people. After seeing a little one writhe in agony yet agony today because her fever came back overnight, I am in no fucking mood to have some assfisting goatsehumper tell me about "quality of life". And if anybody does, what I do to them will become an internet verb.

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