March 28, 2010

Racism Abound And On The Rebound

Well, if you believe the meme that the Mediacrats are pushing that the opposition to Obamacare is 100% violent racist, as dipshit emeritus Frank Rich espouses, then I guess we all are racists then.

Well, well, well. Hey lefties:
Fuck you. Fuck you in my nightmares with a scrivener's quill soaked in lighter fluid and set alight. Fuck you for ignoring the will of the people. Fuck you for performing violent acts and then blaming us for them. Fuck you for lying about our ranks. And fuckingly fuck fuck fuckity fuck with the fuckphone of fucking fury and fail you for cheapening and demeaning true discrimination and violence.

When my daughter was born, she was so sickly, I couldn't hold her for at least a few days. But when I finally was able to do so, I looked down at this little person in my lap, and I couldn't help myself. I saw hope. I saw perfection. I saw the potential to become all that she could ever wish to be. I saw a responsibility, a charge to keep, to keep her safe and secure, no matter what would come of me. And I swore right then and there that I would do whatever I could to keep her safe and free. Well, you fucking dickfistingly assfucked assficters have consigned her to debt she will never be able to repay by virtue of your acts. So how the fuck am I supposed to feel? You fucking think I am fucking happy to see this? You think I am happy to see you destroy everyfuckingthing I worked myself into the ground to help provide for her? Fuck no. Fuck no. Doublefuckingthestatueintheparkno.

No, lefties. I am even angrier than before. I am angry that you have cheapened the deadliest accusations our society has in order to push legislation a FUCKING MAJORITY of Americans do not want. I am so angry by your lies, bogus racism charges, and false claims that for the sake of my daughter's future, I want to see you politically destroyed. I want to see you defeated and defunded. And if you so much as dare to come to me and tell me I am a bad person for opposing you, then you better have the ER on speed dial.

So fuck off, lefties. Clean out your desks, and get raped by a syphilitic minotaur on your way out.

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