August 30, 2009

Profit is theft

In a WaPo op-ed by a couple of liberal pointy-heads that urges Obama to tack left (more so, I mean) and encourages the Axelturfers to get out there and annoy their friends and neighbors about ObamaCare and the rest of the left's dream agenda, I noticed an Obama quote that I don't think I'd seen before:

Throughout the campaign, Obama cautioned that enacting his ambitious plans would take a fight. In a speech in Milwaukee, he said: "I know how hard it will be to bring about change. Exxon Mobil made $11 billion this past quarter. They don't want to give up their profits easily."
Um, what? Since when is a business supposed to "give up" their profits? And just who, Comrade Obama, are they supposed to be giving that money to? Furthermore, if they're not going to cough up the cash "easily," what are you gonna do about it?

The scary thing is that there are three more years during which we might have those questions answered loud and clear.

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