September 09, 2010

Picture, Thousand Words, Some Assembly Required

To those who helped enable this by voting for Hope & Change, I just have to say:
Fuck you. Fuck you from afar with the 10 foot pole that Road Block Betty and her Fat Stripper Pal Ke$hup use to support and stimulate themselves. Fuck you for what you have done to our country and her institutions handed down to us for generations. Fuck you for furyfucking our future as if it were your mom on her fifth glass of Zinfandel while her third husband is away on a work trip. And fuck you because you run and hide from your actions instead of defending them like the fucking pussy-assed cocksockery craving cowards you really are.

I know I reference my daughter a lot when I write, but the first thing I think about whenever I hear of a statist reacharound is what impact it will have on her life and her future. I think of what may lay ahead for her as she grows up and sets out on her own, and I worry. I worry that I have taught and will continue to teach her well. I worry that she will suffer a less prosperous and free life than I had at her age. And I worry that she will live to see the final undoing of the genius of the Founders by this current crop of xericdicked xenonfuckers in their pursuit of "fairness". All because some divers in the fuckdumspter of debtbuilding thought socialism was a groovy idea. Well, fuck that. Fuck them. And fuck it all with a cannon loaded with extra fuckered fucksauce.

As a father who wants the best for my little one, I must stand up. I must tell the powerful they must be held electorally accountable for their failures. I must remind them that we, the "forgotten man",  fucking rule, not them. I must remind myself that the treasures from our Founders must be protected, lest they disappear into the miasma of despair and second world status. And I must remind myself that the future needs for me to fucking vote out those who are seeking to endanger the road ahead with the landmines of socialism. And if I do nothing, then her life will be worse off for it.

So vote these fuckers out this and every November. Vote out any collaborators from our side who think they should help advance statism, only a notch slower (hello, ex-Senators Bennett and Murkowski). And ballotfuck with Diebold's magical powers any person who wishes to support and advance even further the deathgrip of leftism on our futures. Do it for yourself. Do it for the future. Do it for your children and generations ahead. But also do it to tell the Founders that their work is safe and secure in the hands of another generation willing to protect it.

So fuck you, lefties. And go to electoral hell along the way, with the November 2nd shuttle as your main source of transport.

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