November 06, 2008

Our Post-Partisan President-Elect and his "new enforcer"

Barack Obama's new Chief of Staff sounds like quite a charming fellow. And by "quite a charming fellow," I mean a ruthless and bloodthirsty bastard:

One story, more than any other, sums up the intensity, loyalty and, at times, downright nastiness upon which Mr Emanuel's reputation is built.

At a dinner to celebrate President Clinton's first election victory, Mr Emanuel began to name those who he believed had earned his enmity. As he listed the names of those he saw as traitors, he grabbed a steak knife, stood up and began plunging the knife into the table and shouting "Dead! Dead! Dead!" after each name.

"When he was done, the table looked like a lunar landscape," one witness recalled. "It was like something out of The Godfather. But that's Rahm for you."

Nor was this an isolated incident – one pollster who fell out with Mr Emanuel received a rotting fish in the post as a warning not to cross him again.

Hope. Change. The kind of stuff you see in movies about the Mafia. Yeah.  We've got nothing to worry about.

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