August 09, 2009


As we know, Obama's gov't has decided to "rethink" the two-war policy.

We also know that Obama has decided to declare victory in the War on (Some) Terror.

Now, he's decided to cripple the CIA so they can't fight it even if they want to.
U.S. Atty. Gen. Eric H. Holder Jr. is poised to appoint a criminal prosecutor to investigate alleged CIA abuses committed during the interrogation of terrorism suspects...
So the CIA is readying for their war with the Obama administration
Bracing for the worst, a small number of CIA officials have put off plans to retire or leave the agency so that they can maintain their access to classified files and be in a better position to defend against a Justice investigation.

You see, Obama has decided to stop the Wo(S)T to fully dedicate his gov't to the War on (Some)  Voters

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