September 28, 2010

Ok. Now I Am Angry

I was going to ignore the latest claim by the loony left that the "right" was inciting violence, since it has become so hackneyed and so untrue, especially as the lefties are the ones who have been the violent ones this cycle, that it really didn't bear mention. I was going to ignore the lefty claims because the "scoreboard" chant come November will be satisfaction enough. And I was going to ignore the lefty lies because I had better things to do.

I was going to ignore the claims. That was, until this:

Victory is no longer acceptable. Vaporfuck them and their careers into oblivion and the abyss of fuckitude with a rancid fuckradish so deep their assholes will make a Caesar Salad blush with envy. These fuckers need to get nuked from orbit and never allowed anywhere near the reins of power ever again.

Yes, I am now pissed off. These fuckers have claimed for far too fucking long that those of us on the other side of the aisle were the violent ones, despite evidence to the contrary. These fuckers have been the ones beating up and assaulting our people at gatherings and their offices for far to fucking long. And these fuckers have been disenfranchising us by having our votes negated by rampant voter fraud for far too fucking long. And it will stop now.

These fucking fuckshrooms fucking think they are fucking above the law and can do whatever the fuck they fucking feel like. Well, fuck them. Fuck them with a dozen dung beetles looking for paydirt. Fusticfuck their arrogance with the flying fuckzeppelin of the franchise. And hysopfuck their sense of entitlement with low grade anal sludge. Vote these fuckers out. Vote these fuckers away from office. Run up such a margin that they learn they cannot get away with what they are doing. And fuckbeat them and their careers so far into the ground, the caskets of the people they are still registering to vote will tell them to get the fuck out of the way.

Yes, November is coming. November is coming so hard and fast, you lefties will think it was your lover's strap on dislodging in your asscanal. So fuck you, lefties. You have now pissed me off. You have now given me motivation. And you have now provided me with the mental ammunition I need to stay focused for the next five weeks. So fill your fucking hands, you fucking fuckbitches. Because retribution is awaiting you.

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