April 20, 2009

Nina Totenberg Must Hate The Poor

NPR hag Nina Totenberg is one of the more reliably liberal members of the Beltway Groupthink and a big time player in the Smart Set. She also is a panelist on one of the local shows, Inside Washington, that is nothing more than a left wing circle jerk for media members.

Needless to say, she is unimpressed with the Tea Party movement, going so far as to call it "cockamamie" (funny, since that is probably the only time in the last 24 months the word "cock" even came near her. But I digress.). Anyway, beyond the usual discussion about taxes, this snippet caught my attention:

GORDON PETERSON, MODERATOR/WJLA-TV ANCHOR: Nobody does, but we pay, actually in comparison to other countries-

TOTENBERG: We pay relatively small taxes. And what you get for it, let us say, what you get for it, even though you don't like this program are this program for this war or that were, what you ostensibly get for it is a civilized kind of social compact where you don't have massive civil eruptions. That is what taxes are for.

Wait! What the fuck are you talking about, you dry hag? Taxes are mainly to prevent civil eruptions (read: race/poverty fueled riots)? What about fucking defense, roads, basic medical care, postal services, telephones, and the like? What the fuck did you inhale before you went on the air?

So you basically admit you view taxes as nothing more than paying off poor people to keep them from disrupting your life? Jeebus titty fucking Christ, lady! What does that reveal about how you view the poor in this country? Are you so fucking afraid of them and distrust them so much so, you would rather pay them off to stay down and leave you alone instead of helping them get ahead? How fucking arrogant is that?

Growing up, there was a mean angry dog down the street that scared me shitless. I thought throwing an extra dog treat his way would keep him away from me. Instead, it came to me, begging for more, and would start growling at me if I didn't cough up an extra snausage. This seems to be how Totenberg views handling the poor: just throw them a snausage, and hope they don't latch onto you for more.

Here's an idea: why not help the poor get out of their cycle of poverty and dependance? How fucking difficult is that? But, I guess you don't want that, since it means that you might someday have a *gasp* person who was once poor in your midst and not just another trust fund cocktail party circuit legacy.

Fucking elitist hypocrite. You say you want to help the poor, but all you really want is to keep them away from you.

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