July 30, 2009

Nanny Bloomberg trying to seize city man's replica Revolutionary War flintlock

Basically, New York City has what amounts to a functional ban on private ownership of handguns, while in the rest of New York it is just a royal pain in the ass, with registration, licenses and all kinds of red tape. 

The only way you can get a legal handgun in NYC is to get a license to privately own one is from the NYPD.  And the NYPD only issues them if you are ├╝ber-rich and politically connected, really politically connected, a celebrity, if you are a courier picking up money or other valuable items, certain diamond and luxury goods merchants, you work in private security, and possibly if you're a retired NYPD (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on that or any of the others).  Other than that, you're fucked.  If you want a long gun in NY, you have to have it registered and go through a bunch of red tape nonsense.

There's a loophole that some New Yorkers discovered to escape registration of firearms, and that is muzzleloading black powder (maybe cap and ball as well, I think it's basically if it doesn't fire an actual cartridge or shell) firearms aren't regulated by the BATFE like normal firearms, and NY and NYC laws didn't bother to include them in their registration laws, probably because of that.  So a NYC social worker that used to be a Revolutionary War reenactor decided to have a Tennessee gunsmith make him a replica of a period flintlock, it's a pretty sweet rifle, there's a pic in the link.  Nanny Bloomberg has sent the NYPD to harrass this guy and the gunsmith, in order try and figure out some excuse to justify seizing his rifle. 

Bloomberg can't nail him on illegal possession of a firearm, because the dude isn't breaking any firearms laws.  Beyond that, the guy doesn't have any black powder or musket balls for his rifle, so he can't even fire it right now.  Supposedly, they're offering him a permit to make things go away so that the rifle can be "licensed", but thus far he's told them they can kiss his frizzen.   Dude is ready to take it to the Supreme Court if they do anything. 

It doesn't suprise me that Nanny Bloomberg is doing this, he's basically been fighting a back and forth with pro-2nd activists for years, so any chance the petty tyrant has to try and fuck with someone who believes in the Second Amendment, he does so with zeal.


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