August 20, 2009

Leftist propaganda would be hilarious

If it weren't so goddamned dangerous.  The media's new meme is that there are a bunch of angry whities running around and toting "machine guns" (I'm not going to bother trying to explain the difference between a MG, assault rifle, and a semi-auto version of a military rifle, you know the difference, and they don't care) to protests, and they're doing it to intimidate,

And the always obnoxious and pathetic EJ Dionne,

Yes, I have raised the racial issue, and it is profoundly troubling that firearms should begin to appear with some frequency at a president's public events only now, when the president is black. Race is not the only thing at stake here, and I have no knowledge of the personal motivations of those carrying the weapons. But our country has a tortured history on these questions, and we need to be honest about it. Those with the guns should know what memories they are stirring.

So...he doesn't know what the motivations of those who are open carrying are, but he's just going to assume it's racism because Obama is black.  Right...  I'll just take this moment to point out that that this, the guy with the AR-15 that triggered the huge,
Liberal elites show concern about Open Carry protesters standing around with AR-15's doing nothing at protests

...collective shitstorm of handwringing and panic from the liberal elite.  Well, if I had to guess, AR-15 guy is either black, or that Arizona sun is a lot harsher than I realized.  MSNBC of course, in that clip above where they were screeching about ZOMG WINGNUT WHITEY LYNCHMOBZ!!1!111ELVENTY!ONE!1, decided to edit out any evidence that the black dude with the AR was indeed, not a whitey, in order to meet their narrative.

Now, this just made me laugh, the last bit from EJ Dionne,

Will some group of responsible conservatives, preferably life members of the NRA, have the decency to urge their followers to leave their guns at home when they go out to protest the president? Is that too much to ask?

Dear God that is beautiful.  You have to love when some Marxist shitbag like EJ Dionne has to beg the NRA and conservatives like this.  Do you think you'd even read something like that five years ago?  No way would a leftist lower themselves to begging the NRA like this.  This is so fucking awesome. 

Open Carry protestors took a huge gamble doing a carry at big events like this, it could have caused a huge backlash.  Fortunately, thus far they've done it in a smart, responsible way, and I think the shrieking, dishonest hysterics from the media, combined with the "eh, it's legal" response from the Administration, is going to be a victory for Open carry advocates as long as everyone continues to do things responsibly like this guy in Arizona, along with many others.

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