January 25, 2009

Jon Stewart's Stay At The Obama Re-Education Camps Must Have Been Short

Yup. He's back to being the same old Stewart.

Two things: One, is Rush Limbaugh molting? (Laughter) Two: Does Bill O'Reilly think Rush Limbaugh hates America? And in case you think Limbaugh's arguably treasonous talk couldn't get any grosser, enjoy.

I think we have seen the "satire" facing us the next four years: not attacking Obama. No. No. No. That must not happen. Instead, we will be fed a daily diet of a live air version of MediaMatters/Kos/Huffpo, where Stewart, Colbert, et al. will merely savage every word out of a conservative mouth.

But I do find it amazing how unified the O-bots are in this attack on Rush. It seems as though they are picking a target, freezing it, personalizing it, and  polarizing it.

Gee. I swear I heard that before. Where? Oh yeah. Here.

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