August 17, 2009

Jerry, Run for your life!

So via Eric at Classical Values we (that's the editorial "we", not the royal "We"...for now) find this lovely article.

Apparently, Arizona's state treasurer is suddenly on a "No-fly" list. He's also "buddies" with Janet Napolitano, and by "buddies", I mean they hate each other's guts.

And now the shoe is on the other fist it seems.
His name suddenly appeared on the federal government's "No-Fly" list.
"I'm not able to do any kind of electronic boarding or get any electronic boarding passes or Web check-in," Martin said. "Anytime I fly on an airline I have to go to a counter and prove I am who I am."
When 3TV contacted Napolitano, who is now head of Homeland Security, her spokeswoman, Sara Kuban, responded by sending 3TV a statement in an e-mail.

The explanation?
 It read, "Dean Martin is a common name."

How long before they break down Jerry Lewis' door? He and Deano have been known to pal around you know, almost... conspiratorially.

Eric, in the first link, ties it all in together with the astrosurfing of "Reich Wing Hate Groups" and the DHS "The Right Wing are terrorists!" report from a few months ago in a nice, cheery post all tied up with a bow about how we're all screwed.
He also includes the sadly obligatory, "What if Ashcroft had done this?" question.

Nice freaking guy.
The way today is shaping up, Eli's gonna break his freaking leg in warm-ups tonight.

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