August 16, 2010

Is This The New Normal? If So...

The most helpless feeling I ever had in my life was watching my then two year old daughter in an emergency room, tubes and needles all over the place, as she fought an illness that damn near killed her if we were living anywhere but the home of medical innovation and lifesaving creativity instead of the socialist paradises of Europe and Canada. The worst part was knowing that nothing I could do could or would make her suffering go away, and that all I could do is sit next to her, and hope that the doctors, medicines, and equipment buzzing and clicking around us would do their job. Thankfully, everything worked out, and the little one is healthy and happy, no worse for the wear. In fact, she starts Kindergarten later this week.

When my daughter was sick, and her life threatened, medicines and technology saved her life. Same goes for my mother, who, thanks to the American Medical Establishment, will probably beat the freak strain of cancer that tried to kill her after the surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation that she has had to endure. All because America was and is the land if all things possible. All because science and medicine was allowed to flourish here without the rationing vise of Government squeezing it by the head.

That was, until Obama's head of Medicare and Medicaid decided to start doing what those of us on the right said he would do: ration and deny medicine and new treatments, all in the name of whatever the hell it was Rationed Medicine wanted.

As I read this, I thought of something: is the shitty care we feared (and the left called us bigots for proclaiming) The New Normal? Is the hopelessness, rampant unemployment and international humiliation The New Normal? Is a worse life for my daughter than I had at her age The New Normal? Will she or any of the other women in my life be denied life-saving care, or a better future, because a bureaucrat said so?

As I look at my wife and daughter asleep in their beds and worry about what would happen to them if they ever became so sick that a bureaucrat denied their treatment; as I help my mom around her house because the (hopefully) life saving treatment she is enduring has ravaged her body to skeletal appearance, yet knowing she survived because she started her treatments before Obamacare came into being; and as I see my sisters going to get mammograms at an age far earlier than most, in order to make sure they stay on top of any potential threats, I think of "The New Normal." I think of what the left (helped along by the convenient silence of Big Feminism on these issues) has done and wants to do to their futures. I think of their attempts to tell us that we must accept this diminished lifestyle as "The New Normal", and that we are racists and bigots if we say otherwise. I think of that, and I say to those who tell me I must accept the shit sandwich:

Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you and your New Normal with the Festering Fuckboards of Tean Zu. Fuck you for preventing people from being able to achieve better lives, or live period, because of the legislative Gimpfucking you want to force upon a population that is growing ever more hostile to your plans. And fuck you because if you had your way, my daughter and mother would probably not be here,  or forced to endure a shittier way of life because of your plans.

No, I will not fucking accept your fucking New Fucking Normal. I will not accept rampant unemployment, health rationing, denial of medicine, and diminished opportunities, because you claim that that is what we deserve for our past excesses and freedoms. Fuck that. Fuck it in its bureaucratic blunderfucking buttfuckerish blowhole with the fardage from the fuckclipper of fury. And fuck you for trying to force that upon us.

I will not accept a lesser life for my loved ones, because, as Americans, they were born with the fucking Constitutionally endowded birthright of freedom, the freedom to achieve as much as possible, so long as the fuckferules of failure and tyranny stayed out of their way. I will not accept a lesser life for my loved ones, because no other country around has the capability to fight the shitheads of the world and protect freedom and opportunity. And I will not accept a lesser life because it would be akin to mocking and belittling the lives of those who came before us who fought and died to guarantee and protect our ability to live as free and open people.

So fuck you, New Normalistas. Fuck your failure. Fuck your inability to fucking do anyfuckingthing right. Fuck what you are trying to do to all of us. And fuck you forever come this November. Get fucked, and let those of us who fucking love this country save it.

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