September 24, 2009

I'm noticing a trend

First there's ACORN threatening to sue Breitbart, claiming an expectation of privacy to aid in child trafficking and prostitution.  And now we have B. Bernice Young Elementary School considering legal action against the person who videotaped the attempt to turn schoolchildren into Obamatons.  I'm eagerly awaiting the lawsuit, as the person who filmed the indoctrination is a classmate of President Obama's at Harvard and the author of "I Am Barack Obama".

(video without background music courtesy of Drew at the Head Moron's)

There's an interesting debate over whether ACORN and its employees had an expectation of privacy while conducting business, and I'm sure the same discussion will arise regarding the privacy of the schoolchildren.  It appears that B. Bernice Young Elementary school is primarily concerned with protecting their own backsides, rather than protecting or educating their students.

I found something interesting when I was poking around for assessment data for the school - B. Bernice Young Elementary is a school that only educates grades kindergarten through second grade.  So yes, those kids are as young as they look. 

There's an interesting broader issue that's coming up as a result of living in a digital age, when everyone has a videocamera in the form of a cell phone welded to their hand.  From Hofstra to ACORN to B. Bernice, privacy in semi-public places is about to be redefined.

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