November 10, 2009

I don't get the same message

Here's a very sad story about a man who died far too young and the wife and children he left behind.  It's supposed to make you believe that we need national health care, but that's not what it pushes me too.

It pushes me the other way.

She believes, as does the writer apparently, that if only we had nationalized health care, records would easily follow patients, and diagnoses would be quick, and paperwork would be readily available, and nurses would feed patients even before they were formally admitted.

I see things the other way around:  it's very easy, under a heavily bureaucratic system, to kick the can uphill.  "Sorry, I can't do that because it's against regulations" is the easiest excuse in the book, and it's the one you'll get from 99% of all government workers.

Think of going to the DMV for your medical records.

It seems clear that there was poor handling of her husband.  But she believes that more government will make it better?

I don't believe it.  Not in a million jillion years.

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