April 06, 2010

Here's What I Think Of Your Call For Civility

This DNC Press Release Politico Article seems to be genuinely dismayed that our congressbetters have not been treated warmly by the lumpenproletariat as they return home bearing the spoils of class warfare and gifts of Obamacare. Witness the plight of some Democrats going home to New Hampshire.

While the landmark health care reform law is driving much of the hostility, at a handful of events here in the week after its passage, voters expressed profound cynicism and suspicion not just about the legislation but about Washington, government and virtually everything that came out of their legislators’ mouths.

A man who did not want to be identified said he pulled Hodes aside at the Manchester event to ask him why he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. The congressman told him he’s allergic to gold. His constituent remained skeptical.

“It’s a satisfactory answer, but I don’t know if it’s true,” the man said afterward, citing “all the improprieties out there” as the reason he inquired.

For her part, at back-to-back town hall meetings in Bedford and Merrimack, Shea-Porter faced consistent boos, heckles and catcalls after almost every point she rattled off in defense of her vote. 

Despite an effort to accommodate questions from the raucous crowds with a ticketed lottery system and a two-minute time limit for speakers, the congresswoman got little credit from the audience. If anything, it gave her opponents fresh ammunition.

"Why can't we ask a question?" yelled one man, objecting to a format that randomly selected numbers out of a tub of tickets to choose questioners.

"Are you a princess or a representative?" chastised one woman. 

Yet another man was miffed that he received a form letter from the representative's office in response to six specific questions he sent her by mail.

"I expect a reply. I heard a position statement that did not answer any of my questions," complained Ben Niles of Merrimack.

Oh, and Lefties, I am amused by your sudden calls for civility, now that you are in the minority. In fact, I have a response.

Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuuuucckk you. Fuck you yesterday, today, and tomorrow lotus style with the warcock of fuck soaked in a pigs in a blanket meal. Fuck your calls for civility. Fuck your calls for decency. And fuck you just because I feel like saying it.

*lights cigar*
*drinks martini*
*drinks another martini*

What the fuck did you fuckholes think would happen? What the fuckingly fuckmile of fuck did you fucking think we would think after you fucking consigned our progeny to debts, designated them to shitty service that will be impossible to surmount, and relegated the last great hope for freedom to a joke on par with Europe? That we would just go away? I have two simple words for that: Fuck and Fuck You.

What the fuck did you think we would do after a 13 month campaign of calling us every vile name in the book, for beating us up, for trying to have us silenced, for staging bogus "racist" incidents, for every shady deal, for every slander and lie, and for completely ignoring your constituents and their wishes in order to pass a bill a majority does not want? Seriously, what the fuck did you think? That we will shut up and take it like the new pledge at the start of the Spring Semester?

No, you fuckingly fucked up fucklobsters, we will not fucking go away. We will not stay silent. And we will definitely fucking vote your fucking asses out of office and out of power for this shit. We owe it to our current and  future generations to keep you away from our wallets and our bodies. We owe it to the world to keep our country strong, so that we can keep the bad guys at bay. And we fucking owe it to human nature, which is always striving and seeking something better, to keep you from fucking us up any more and limiting our potential.

So fuck you, lefties. Fuck your bogus claims and racist attacks. Fuck your ideology. Fuck your sudden concern for decency. And fuck you, in case I have not made myself clear. Go away, get fucked by a rabid goat, get the fuck away from the wheels of power, and just get lost while you are at it. We have a nation to rebuild.

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