October 14, 2009

Fuck You, Everybody!

Especially the MSM.

Oh, and nice to see that the same media that "thoroughly vets" a conservative and everything they ever wrote or said was willing to run with fabricated lines without "vetting" them. If you so completely and willingly disregarded your obligations as media hacks to practice BASIC FUCKING JOURNALISM proves you are nothing but whores, shills, and probably perverts who travel to Laos to fingerblast a 10 year old boy with a corkscrew.*

*I dunno. But it has not been refuted, so there.

In that vein, I want to bring up some "facts" that, while not completely refuted, may or may not be true:
Jayson Whitlock likes to beat off in front of a computer camera for the pleasure of undercover cops he believes are 11 year old cancer patients in need of a "Final Wish" to be granted. It has not been refuted, so there.

Rick Sanchez likes to get drunk, run over innocent people with his car, and then sodomize the corpse. It has not been refuted, so there. Well, the DUI part is true, but the sodomy needs to be investigated further.

Everybody at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch loves to have coke fueled orgies on the editing floor with the delivery boys and a few stray dogs that happen to wander by their N. Tucker Blvd location. It has not been refuted, so there.

Michael Wilbon loves to drink the urine from the Wrigley Field Mens Room Troughs while letting the hot dog vendor pleasure his anal warts with relish, mustard, and onions. It has not been refuted, so there.

And Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Charles Johnson? Anything I satirically write about them is probably true, so I'll just let the truth, which is stranger than anything my mind can come up with, stand with them. It has not been refuted, so there.

And Anybody Else I forgot? Fuck you with an air horn amped up to 11 for good measure.

Look, if the shitheads wanted to run solely on what Limbaugh ACTUALLY FUCKING SAID, then fine. So be it. But to use fabricated quotes as part of your case? That's as fucked up, and you will receive no quarter in the integrity department from me.

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