March 14, 2010

Deem This!

When Alex referenced the brazen attempts by the House Democrats, under the guise of Louise Slaughter's suggestion that the House may "deem" the Senate Healthcare Bill as passed without a vote, I thought it too ridiculous of an idea to become reality. Silly me. I thought a Bill, the exact same Bill in both houses, had to be voted upon before it could be presented for Presidential Signature. Oh well. How dare I think of such a radical idea. How dare I think the House Democrats would respect the Constitution and at least vote for a procedure (reconciliation) that, while politically toxic, is at least a vote on legislation. And how dare I think that the left in this country would step back from their bitterly divisive push for a bill that has approval ratings between PMS and diarrhea and say, "Yeah, we want this bill. But just not this way. Some things are too sacred."

Well, I guess I was mistaken. I guess this is how the left wants to play. In that vein, please allow me to offer my opinion on the matter:
Really? Fucking really? Do you really fucking want to fucking force upon a voting populace that has told you over and fucking over "NO FUCKING WAY!" legislation, not through the legislative process, but by a fucking Parliamentary Trick? Really?

Well, fuck you then. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. Fuck you for a fortnight with the Scavenger's Daughter soaked in Gila Monster splooge for telling us that the Constitutional process of making a Bill become law is not fucking relevant here. Fuck you for your disdain for your voters and the compact WE THE PEOPLE made with you to represent us and treat our trust in you as sacred. And fucking fuck fuck fuckity fuck with the fuckfiddle of fury for telling Congress, a player in the process, it is irrelevant as well.

How fucking sick are you lefties that you want to replace 200 plus years of Congressional actions with what amounts to pissing on the Constitution just to get a fucking piece of legislation enacted? How fucking sick are you lefties that if you can't get your way via the process, you just do what you want anyway? And how fucking sick are you lefties that all of this is no big deal to you, because the ends justify the means?

Well, fuck that! Fuck fuck fuckity fuck with a side order of fuck you eternally for this shit! Fuck you for your brazen disregard for every fucking law and tradition our system has had just to get your beloved Government control of our lives. This shit is so un-Constitutional and so fucking sickening, I hope lawsuits start flying before the ink dries on this legislative equivalent of getting goatse with an exploding whalecock. And I hope every fucking Congresscritter who goes along with Slaughter gets voted out of  office and marched out of DC on a rail for this activity.

Oh, and fuck you lefties for your desire to install legislation by fiat, not by process, after years of crying that Team Bush ignored the Constitution and wanted to install a dictatorship. Fuck you for not realizing when you are defeated. And fuck you for how you want to do what you want to do to this country, all in the name of "justice".

So fuck off lefties. Fuck off and go Slaughter Rule yourself into oblivion on the way out the door. We have a country to save.

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