January 26, 2010

Be Careful For Which You Ask, Since You Just May Get It

For years, I have half jokingly told people in the media that their work on the air or in print should be registered and regulated by the FEC as an "in kind" contribution to the Democrats. I never really meant it, but it was fun to insult and annoy the arrogant assholes in the Fourth Estate.

Well, I am intrigued to see that the left has decided to weigh in on the matter. And, not surprisingly, they want to regulate and harass Fox News via amorphous (at best) election laws (warning: MediaMatters link) and force it to register as a campaign donor. Needless to say, this is part and parcel of the Soros crowd whining and lashing out after the Brown Victory last week, with Eric Boehlert leading the charge. And what is most disturbing is how many media hacks and other lefties read MediaMatters and look to it for advice and agenda setting :

The FEC made the correct, sensible decision in 2006 when it extended its media exemption to include bloggers, even though many of them broadcast a proud partisan voice online. There's nothing wrong with a strong editorial voice. What Fox News is doing today, however, goes so far beyond broadcasting an editorial voice, skating so close to GOP campaign management, that it should no longer enjoy the distinction of a media exemption.

Indeed, with its radical transformation into a purely political entity, Fox News has changed the rules governing politics and the press. It's time for the FEC to recognize that, look at Fox News with a fresh set of eyes, and act accordingly.

Heh. So that's how it's going to be, eh? Just be careful, asshole. Be careful, because if you do get your wish, and Fox News is muzzled and regulated, then don't fucking piss and moan if the next Republican President goes after MSNBC, PBS, or the New York Times. Don't fucking whine, because we can probably find an FEC expert who could make the case that the MSM as constituted today is a campaign tool for the Democrats and subject to future FEC regulations as well.

Sadly, the Republicans won't really do it. But I would love to see Katie Couric, Adam Nagourney, or Gwen Ifill forced to register their work with The Man and see how they like it then.

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