November 14, 2009

Are Leftists Turning On Their Own?

Not even a week after the Stupak Amendment became part of the Pelosicare bill, the left really is in a froth against Christians. It has become so bad, the "enlightened" ones are blaming Christianity for the housing crisis.

Ironically, many mainline Protestant groups, as well as the Catholic Church, worked hand in glove with groups such as ACORN to help provide low incoming housing for people in need. And this is how they are repaid? I hate to laugh at people of faith, especially many people of my own denomination, but how do many of the "devout" feel now that their former associates have turned on them in the name of political expediency?

Sorry, folks. You were too naive to understand what cozying up to a bunch of snakes like the Democrat Party would result in. Now you see.

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