April 13, 2010

And What Comes After Catharsis?

I won't even attempt to top the following piece by Victor Davis Hanson, so go and read it all your lonesome. But, this paragraph triggered a thought in my head:

Politics is high-stakes poker with real losers and winners, not a mere parlor game. The country voted for the party of Pelosi, Reid, and Obama, and for once such statists are governing in the manner of their rhetoric. Time will soon tell whether this strange American experience is transitory and so becomes a needed catharsis, or whether it will be institutionalized and thus result in an enduring tragedy — this rare moment when the dreams of a zealous few are at last becoming the nightmares of a complacent many.

Right there,VDH explains what has and is happening before our very eyes. We are seeing the rise of a tyranny of the minority. Not minority in the sense of race, gender, religion, or hamster preference, but the imposition of the will of a political minority (at least polling wise) by its foolish leadership against the wishes of the now majority of people who oppose what is happening. What is most galling is how with every new poll, every politician "retiring" in the face of bad news, and every electoral humiliation, the left seems intent on pushing faster and harder, as if to stick the middle finger in the eye of America.

Well, I have something to say, as a member of the majority of Americans:
Fuck you, lefties. Fuck you on a bear rug made of spikes with a jumping jack fuckstick tied to an egg pickled in extra hot sauce. Fuck you for ignoring the will and voices of the American people. Fuck you for destroying our future today. Fuck you for making us a laughingstock around the world. Fuck you for being such pussies that you run and hide from your voters. And fuck you snatchtubingly style because I can do so.

Who the fuck died and made you fucking combo plates of pulled pork and cockchew fucking kings? Who the fuck told you that telling the American people to fuck off was an awesome fucking idea? Who the fuck told you that retiring after deciding to ruin our lives was an idea as awesome as wallpunching and then conquestfucking? Well, whoever it was, you better go to him or her and demand your money back, because you have given us a clarion call for the future.

That's right, pussytubers. In your arrogance, you have provided us with a campaign. You have drawn the line in the sand. And you have set the agenda for future political races, ones which you will lose. Now, the debate involves repealing and skullfucking your agenda. The debate involves how fucking awful and drunk with power you jackfucks have become. And the debate involves how we give you, your party, your movement, and your agenda the prison shower goatse treatment.

That's right, fuckwasters. You have given us an a unifying theme. You have given us a purity test regarding repeal that is devoid of that social issues bullshit that you have used as a wedge for decades. And you have given us a motivating force to keep fighting and speaking out. Your arrogance is your undoing, fuckniks. You think that simply insulting and ignoring is the right thing to do. Well, ask Martha Coakley how that worked out. Ask John Corzine. Ask Creigh Deeds. And ask the staffers of every Senator and Congressdouche who will be out of office next year how that plan worked.

So fuck you, lefties. Fuck your arrogance into the ground with a mole trap. Fuck your attempts to ruin my daughter's life. You will lose this fall. You will be humiliated worse than a chicken at a Kos Kidz party. You will be searching for jobs next year. And you will be so fucking dismayed because your arrogance refused to let you see it was coming. We will defeat you. We will repeal your fuckingly fuckbenched fuckfaces. And we will answer the call of history to save this Republic and the World from your foolishness one last time.

The electoral battle has been set. And you lefties will be corpseraped by the electorate this fall. So fuck off, lefties. Fuck your agenda. Fuck your minority rule delusions. And get fucked like a viking on the way out.

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