July 23, 2009

Claire McCaskill (Dumbfuck-MO) Is A Gay Bashing, Gun Grabbing Imbecile

 Her own words prove it.

In comments made after her vote against the 2nd amendment provision, McCaskill said, “this is a foot in the door that would require, for example, the laws in Vermont on gay marriage to be enforced in Missouri.”

Now, first of all, if you are opposed to the reciprocity of Concealed Carry, that's fine. But what relevance did gay marriage in Vermont have to do with  this?  Just engaging in a little gay baiting to appease the backwater rubes in Sedalia or Hayti, Senator?

Also, IIRC, the reciprocity only applied to states which also had a "shall issue" CCW law on the books, so if a state didn't allow CCW, I couldn't bring my concealed weapon into that state. This goes for McCaskill's Gay Marriage analogy. Vermont? Fine. Whatever. But Missouri? We do not have a law on the books allowing gay marriage, so for now, the issue of MO having to accept a VT gay marriage license is moot until MO allows gay marriage.

So, Senator, what the fuck is your problem? Trying to justify a vote to us hayseeds back home is one thing, but to insult people without knowledge of what you are talking about is another. And I really want to hear the response from the various gay rights groups in MO that helped her win election. I'm sure the condemnation from them over this statement will rival a rock concert.

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