April 16, 2009

You're crazy

Marc Cooper of the Annenberg School for Communication at USC, writing in the LAT, called the Tax Day Tea Parties "collective insanity":

Go to a hobby store. Buy a scale model of a U.N. One-World-Government Black Helicopter and a tube of glue. Toss the model kit. Sniff the entire tube of glue. You're all set for the party.
Subtle, no? I don't remember any similar columns from Cooper when the Left was losing its collective shit and claiming that we were sliding into fascism during the last eight or so years, but, hey, who can remember that far back?
And now this. Whip out your Lipton and don your tinfoil hat and join the protest against ... against ... against what exactly?

The original Boston Tea Party was caffeinated by a very simple injustice: American Colonists refused to be taxed by a government that lacked any popular representation. That was remedied a few years later in a heroic struggle that stretched from Concord to Yorktown.

So, if you'll excuse the mixed metaphor, what's the beef behind today's protests? The Obama administration is cutting taxes for all except the very richest of Americans. Reduced withholding is already showing up in millions of paychecks.
Aaaand, that's gonna last forever, huh? Because when you push trillions of dollars worth of dubious spending through Congress, well, you can get that back just by raising taxes on just those "richest of Americans," right? I mean, it's only the millionaires who are gonna have to pay for that, and it's fun to soak the rich (or, as Cooper dubs them, "loaded country clubbers.") You and I? We'll never get a bill for any of it. Uh-huh.

Cooper also manages to squeeze in references to yesterday's protestors as "Teabaggers." You stay classy, MSM. And keep puzzling over why you're losing money hand over fist.

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