March 28, 2009

American Media Or Communist News Agency?

Sadly, the lines are being blurred.

Seriously, when the Deciders are cutting and pasting press releases from the Castro regime, shouldn't this be a big deal?

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March 21, 2009

Really? I hadn't noticed

John McCormick of the Chicago Tribune has some keen insights about his home town hero that the rest of us might have missed:

For a man known as a great communicator, President Barack Obama can put his foot in his mouth from time to time.

Although often deliberate and meticulous in his speaking style, Obama can also be prone to gaffes when he is relaxed or trying to have fun.

Keenly aware of the stage, the coolly confident Obama can drift into trouble during unscripted moments.
The hell, you say! Next, you'll be telling me he relies on some sort of crutch to keep him from making ill-advised remarks..
The most recent slip-up came Thursday evening as he sat on Jay Leno's couch and offered an ill-considered comment during a "Tonight Show" appearance. After telling Leno he had scored 129 in a recent bowling game, the president offered what he intended as self-deprecating humor. "It's likeā€”it was like Special Olympics, or something," he said.

The timing of the gaffe is less than ideal for Obama, who has been subject to media teasing in recent weeks for his extensive use of a teleprompter.
Well, we're all only human. Except for George W. Bush, who was some sort of monstrous hybrid of drooling idiot and evil genius.

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Reminds me of when Biden brought attention to the field of American History after his Couric interview

Larry King finds a way to praise Dear Leader for making fun of 'tards on national television.

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CNN's ratings collapsing?

The March ratings for CNN were rough, and Fox News and MSNBC are blowing them away in the ever-critical 24-54 demographic for news watchers.  Certainly CNN is going to be around for a long time, they were the first to do the 24 hour news thing, and they're undoubtedly boosted by their international presence.  I think they're in trouble though, at least in America. 

CNN stuck with low key liberal advocacy in its reporting, and MSNBC went full libtard, and liberals make up the majority of their audiences.  Why would any liberal watch CNN, when they can get the full Marxist from MSNBC?

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March 19, 2009

A tale of two crises

Remember how Bush was an unserious idiot who couldn't keep focused on the Middle East because he was too busy playing golf (i.e. "Now watch this drive.")?  That was just scandalous, wasn't it?

But the Bush years are behind us, we have other challenges now, it's time to look forward, and ZOMG did you see Obama's bracket picks?!!!


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March 18, 2009

The media's ten favorite "Republican" pundits

Someone had to do the list, so here it is.

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March 14, 2009

Say what?

In the opening to an article on Dem squeamishness on the issue of gun rights, some guy named Carl Hulse writes the following in the NYT:

Democrats have been exorcising some of their most stubborn political demons of late.

In challenging former President George W. Bush over the war in Iraq, they showed they were overcoming their deep post-Vietnam fear of being painted as weak on defense when taking a strong anti-war stance. Now, exhibiting comfort with rolling back Bush-era tax cuts, Democrats seem to be losing their anxiety about the tax-and-spend label.
So, opposing a war (and taking every possible opportunity to compare it to Vietnam, I might add) when there are troops in the field makes them look stronger on defense?  And opposing tax cuts is helping to shed their image as tax-and-spend liberals? Uh-huh.

Big City newspapers may not have a lot of cash anymore, but, apparently, they still pay well enough that their reporters can afford some pretty good weed.

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March 09, 2009

Remember When Hoping For The President To Fail Was "Patriotic"?

Well, it was 2006.


Thanks to Patterico.

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